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Introducing Property & Home, a look at luxury living in the Commonwealth featuring the state’s top real estate offerings and industry leaders.

Custom architectural surfaces from Wellborn + Wright. Read more

House + Garden

A resurgent economy has led to an uptick in second home purchases nationwide, and the Commonwealth is no exception. Read more

House + Garden

New kitchen products make food prep faster, more efficient and even a little healthier Read more

House + Garden

Financing the cost of renovating a historic home. Read more

House + Garden

Designing a luxurious dressing room begins with a simple question, say Alex Deringer and Courtney Cox, owners of interior design firm Ivy Lane and boutique Ivy Lane Living in Alexandria: How does the client live? Read more

House + Garden

Tucked appropriately into a framework of more than 200 boxwoods and seven species of magnolias, historic Bellevue provides elegant country living. Read more

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Distinctive home and property offerings in Richmond, Arlington, Roanoke and Norfolk. Read more

House + Garden

Notable real estate sales around the state. Read more

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