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The October issue of Virginia Living takes you to the heartland in our look at the resurging popularity of community canneries in the state. We profile 1920s’ phenoms, Sam Jones and Peggy Joyce Hopkins, the iron forger and the gold-digger from Norfolk’s Berkley neighborhood; Yale-educated artist and self-proclaimed “punkster” Steve Keene; new president of Hampden-Sydney College, Chris Howard; and Ralph “Chopper” Wilson, a barber cum developer on a mission to revitalize downtown Lynchburg. Editor Richard Ernsberger recognizes the 50th anniversary of the Virginia chapter of The Nature Conservancy, and we present a river repast featuring tasty bivalves from Rappahannock River Oysters in Topping. Also, the Eastern Gray Squirrel, the 100th anniversary of the Halifax County Fair and the inventor of the banjo. Need we say more?

We gathered an all-star group of chefs and threw a seafood party featuring Rappahannock River Oysters. Get their recipes here! Read more



Sarah Sargent

Steve Keene is a conceptual folk artist who enjoys taking jabs at the preciousness surrounding fine art Read more

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Updates on a timeless trend Read more

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Banjo Men

Charles Larson

Memories of a talented picker and the man credited with inventing the instrument. Read more

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Bare Essentials

Nic Lehoux

In Great Falls, a minimalist architect has designed a 5,100 square-foot home, named Graticule, that serves as an “aperture” to the surrounding woodlands. Read more

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Call of the Wild

Mark Atkinson

The Virginia Chapter of The Nature Conservancy, now 50 years old, is a front-line group that works to protect natural resources and wildlife habitat by buying land and managing its 60 preserves. Read more


Culinary Destiny

Tyler Darden

The Clifton Inn, perched on a Blue Ridge hilltop, is a Relais et Château property with an eponymous restaurant that has won plaudits for years. Read more

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The Iron Forger and the Gold Digger

Jones photo by Aycock Brown; Joyce photo by Bettman/Corbis

Sam Jones and Marguerite Upton were each raised in Norfolk's Berkley neighborhood and came of age in the Roaring Twenties. Each went on to a life of great wealth and notoriety—but they could not have been more different. Read more


Bragging Rights

Photo courtesy of the Episcopal High School Archives

The annual football game between Episcopal High School and Woodberry Forest School is the South’s oldest continuous high school football rivalry Read more


Putting up the harvest - feature

Tyler Darden

Community canneries have had their ups and downs over the decades—but owing to several factors, they are now making a comeback. Call it preserving a tradition. Read more

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Mozart in the Garden

Bob Scott

What do you get when you mix classical music with talented singers and excellent libations—all in a private outdoor setting? An opera performance that's! Read more


Drive Slowly

Cory Lynn Caulfield

Top-drawer talent at the Rappahannock Artists Tour Read more

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One Man at a Time - Feature

John Healey

Chris Howard, Hampden-Sydney’s new president, is a high-wattage hire who aims to raise the profile of a very traditional Southern college. Read more

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A Nimble Thief

Robert Meganck

Never underestimate the gray squirrel Read more

House + Garden

The Ambassador - Feature

Daryl Calfee

Ralph “Chopper” Wilson, a barber turned real estate developer, is an exemplar of urban entrepreneurship. Read more

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May 22, 2010 • Dream Catcher, Toano Read more

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March 6, 2010 • Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Arlington Read more

About Town

The Emily Couric Leadership Forum awarded $50,000 in scholarships and named its Woman of the Year at its annual luncheon on June 3 at the Omni Hotel. Read more


Friends of St. Luke’s celebrated raising $250,000 for a matching grant from Save America’s Treasures on October 10 at the historic home of Warren and Penny Birdsong. Read more


May 21, 2010 • Lynch Christian Warehouse Theatre, Lynchburg Read more

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