October 2007 Issue


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Read about a famous picture of Elvis, taken in Richmond, an extraordinary rose grower in Virginia Beach, the rural splendor of Rappahannock County, Poe’s garden, Vietnamese dining in northern Virginia, and a foxy fashion feature. It’s a magazine full of surprises—from a new estate modeled on Monticello to tips on how to survive in the wild. Learn how to cook with infused oils, and discover Virginia’s Liberian connection, all in the October issue of Virginia Living.

Welcome to Rappahannock County—a tranquil island in a sea of development. Residents and visitors laud its rural charm and sophisticated culture. The question is, can it stay this way? Read more

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Tricia Pearsall

Boquete, in western Panama, is a mountain oasis—laid-back and full of flowers, exotic birds, raging rivers and adventure. Read more



Adam Ewing

What to do if you get lost in the woods? Put your survival skills to the test. Read more


Emerald Hill is a new and regal estate modeled on Virginia’s most famous homes. Read more

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The Elvis Legends

Illustration by Dan Adel

Two rhinestone-quality tales Read more

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flying squirrel

Robert Meganck

The Virginia northern flyer is sociable, nocturnal and extremely hard to find. Read more

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Edgar Allan Poe didn’t get a grand monument in Richmond, so the writer’s admirers built him a unique, serene garden instead. Photography by Tyler Darden Read more


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