Mount Vernon

Mulled wine, mead, and more. Read more

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Bill Jenkins fashions 18th-century-style chairs from nothing but wood and glue. Read more

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Students discover 6,000-year-old axe at Mount Vernon. Read more

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The Compleat Surveyor makes its way to Mount Vernon. Read more

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Recipes for imbibing bourbon. Read more

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Feb. 18, 2018 • Mount Vernon Read more

About Town

A roundup of don’t-miss happenings around the state. Read more

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Mount Vernon humanizes the father of our country. Read more


Our guide to events at Monticello, Mount Vernon and Montpelier is sure to please any POTUS. Read more


Catriona Tudor Erler

For years, researchers have been studying Mount Vernon’s Upper Garden, trying to crack a mystery: what plants and flowers did George and Martha Washington plant there in the 1790s? Read more

House + Garden


Roger Foley

A couple in Leesburg drew inspiration from some of Virginia’s finest 18th-century gardens to create a hidden paradise and win a longstanding battle with some very determined deer. Read more

House + Garden

The Lady of Belvoir

Tyler Darden

George Washington would not have become the man he was without the help of Sally Fairfax. She mentored the young Washington and fired his ambition, and the two by all accounts shared a hidden—forbidden—love. Read more


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