Courtesy of University of Virginia Library

The yearly Montpelier races are a great time to remember Marion du Pont Scott—the first lady of American turf racing. more

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Aided by a timely discovery, an ambitious project to restore the Temple at James Madison's Montpelier nears completion. more

Jan 16, 2017 8:30 AM Virginiana

May 20, 2015 • James Madison's Montpelier, Orange more

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Our guide to events at Monticello, Mount Vernon and Montpelier is sure to please any POTUS. more

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Citizen archaeology opportunities. more

May 19, 2014 9:03 AM

The Montpelier Steeplechase isn't until November, but the Montpelier Plate tastes good all year round. more

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Montpelier TN

Robb Scharetg

With outdoor autumn events like the Montpelier Races nearly upon us, it’s time to plan a sumptuous, over-the-top tailgate repast. more

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Photo courtesy The Montpelier Foundation

A new Montpelier statue and a daily drive on Georgetown Pike conjure images of a graceful and courageous first lady. more

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