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Is there anything more summer than picking crabs on a dock in the fading light of a sun-splashed afternoon? In the June 2012 issue of Virginia Living, we celebrate the season by telling the story of how the Chesapeake Bay’s crustacean population was brought back from the brink of collapse. If you are looking for something sweeter, then we have two treats for you: We hail the juicy pink flesh of the fig, which has survived centuries and outlasted civilizations, and we give you the “hole” story about Virginia’s artisan doughnut makers. We also examine modes of transport large and small, from the iconic final days of America’s steam engines on the Roanoke to Norfolk line, seen through the lens of O. Winston Link, to the loud, dangerous, high-speed and even higher jumps of motocross, as we visit Birch Creek Motorsports Complex in Sutherlin. Elsewhere in the June 2012 issue of Virginia Living we interview banking mogul Furlong Baldwin, the 11th generation of the Eyre family to live in Northampton County, and visit the Indian state of Rajasthan, also known as the Land of Princes. Also inside: international sailing star Rives Potts, Virginia’s top brunches, culinary canine treats, a drive-through dairy bar, Bigfoot sightings and more!

Flavorful and fresh, figs are versatile and simple, and yummy in a variety of iterations. Read more


A Northern Virginia Bigfoot buff is no braggadocio, he’s actually laid eyes on the hirsute hominid. Read more

The Daily Post

A concerted effort to rebuild the Chesapeake Bay’s crab population has preserved a way of life here that is as ‘summah’ as it gets. Read more




A writer finds peace in the process of constructing his own narrative. Read more

The state of Rajasthan, India, is filled with history, legends and architectural opulence. Read more


Full Throttle

Adam Ewing

The motocross riders at Birch Creek Motorsports Complex have one thing in common: they all want to cross that finish line first. Read more



Mike Topham

Photography from the wedding of Shruti Basavaraj and Pramjeet Ahluwalia. Read more


Powell-Lloyd Wedding

Don Mears Photography

Kimberly Diane Powell and William Patrick Lloyd were married September 4, 2010 at the Virginia Center for Architecture in Richmond. Read more

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Where are the best doughnuts to be found in Virginia, and what makes them so good? Read more

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