June 2007 Issue


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In the far, southwestern reaches of Virginia, nestled in a bowl-shaped, mountaintop depression, lies the remote community of Burke's Garden—no post office, no cell phone service or cable TV … and that's just how its 300-some residents like it. In our June 2010 issue, Virginia Living takes you there. We also visit the opposite end of the state, where NAS Oceana, the Navy's East Coast Master Jet Base, maintains a state of combat readiness in service of our national security. Nearby, also in Virginia Beach, is the Cooke-Royster house, a beautifully restored "cottage" that's been a North End fixture for 100 years. Also inside: a discriminating art collector, a veterinary clinic in Waynesboro specializing in healing and returning wild animals to the wild, unexpected twists on summer berries, open water swimming, ticks, renaissance man William "Pooh" Johnston, entrepreneur-turned-farmer-still-entrepreneur Sandy Lerner, daylilies, and much more.


Photography by Kip Dawkins | Food Styling by J Frank | Prop Styling by Tyler Darden

For gatherings of family and friends, TINA GOMES BRAND prefers pasta done simply and creatively. more


At the Bluefields Bay Villas, the rhythm is luxuriously slow. more



USDA Aphis PHQ Archives,

Don’t be fooled by the names: Garlic mustard and tree of heaven are among many alien plant species that threaten Virginia’s natural heritage. PAULA STEERS BROWN tells us what to look for and how to fight the invaders. more

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Kyle Webster

Angling for striper with his father-in-law on the Chesapeake Bay, BEAU BEASLEY finally gets why his own father never cared whether he caught much. more



Illustration by Rob Ullman

Virginians REALLY had license to drive in 1932 more



Image courtesy of the Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia

Three centuries, several farms, one museum more


Floyd is a town unlike any other in Virginia—small and rugged, artistic and proud. more

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