June 2014 Issue


The June 2014 issue of Virginia Living celebrates summer both at home and abroad. Here in the Commonwealth, our feature story about 11-time national champion Virginia Polo explores the fast, furious and fashionable sport of kings. In food, we share five recipes for pie that are sure to conjure memories of all the pies you’ve loved before. Also, a visit to Chopping Bottom Farm where daring design meets historic Keswick and a feature on the innovative Music and Medicine Center at Norfolk’s Sentara Hospital where music therapy is helping stroke and traumatic accident victims regain the power of speech and movement. In travel, we explore luxury resorts in Jamaica, Brazil, Peru, Italy and Zambia developed by hoteliers with a passion for place, and profile country singer Kaitlyn Baker, a rising star who sings about the coal mines of her hometown of Pound. Plus, the newly renovated Chrysler Museum in Norfolk, the summer season at Wolf Trap, wearable art, weddings and much more. Pick up a copy of Virginia Living's June 2014 issue today!

Bull sharks trade the seven seas for Ol’ Man River. more


Virginia entrepreneurs bring their business home to Richmond. more

The Glen Burnie Manor House in Winchester comes in sizes both large and small. more


Spring break travel reveals the long arms of Virginia. more


Dedicated to the delicate grace of the Japanese maple in all its sculptural glory. more

House + Garden

The eastern shore is fast becoming famous for more than its wild ponies. more

Luxe lodging for all at the Inn at Willow Grove. more


Sunday mornings glitter at Godfrey’s drag brunch. more

Using innovative music therapy, Sentara’s Music and Medicine Center in Norfolk is helping stroke and traumatic accident patients regain the power of speech. more

How to embrace nature without getting your hands dirty. more

Raise a glass along the Brew Ridge Trail. more

Moore & Giles has the goods. more


Andrea Hubbell

Keswick’s Chopping Bottom Farm inspires an author to make real a childhood dream. more

5 international luxury retreats created by hoteliers who discovered paradise, and never left. more

A talk with Josée Covington, President and CEO of Covington Travel more



Adam Ewing

Speed, agility and fearlessness are the hallmarks of the very physical, sometimes scrappy and always elegant sport of kings. A visit with the national championship-winning teams of Virginia Polo. more


When it comes to eating pie, the experience is greater than the sum of its parts. more



Paula Rowe

Country music up-and-comer Kaitlyn Baker may be from a small town, but she’s chasing big dreams. more


Blissful Batteau

Mason Basten, courtesy of Scenic Virginia

Time to celebrate Virginia’s Scenic Rivers more than ever! more


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