James River

Splendid River Run Manor overlooking the James River inspires cakes of chocolate and sweet strawberry, Southern caramel, red velvet, and raspberry. Treat yourself to decadent desserts artfully conceived and presented in a style befitting a queen. more


Westover, Shirley and Berkeley plantations are living links to our country’s history, but these Colonial-era James River estates are also home to generations of three extraordinary families. The story of a deep and unique friendship. more

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James River Batteau Festival gears up for its 32nd trip downriver. more

The Daily Post

A locavore hunter serves up a solution to the growing problem of eradicating invasive species. more

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Four centuries of ferry service in the Old Dominion. more


For Nathan Burrell, managing the more than 600 acres of the James River Park System is all about improving accessibility to the river that sustains and inspires the capital city. more


The nation’s first and last commercial nuclear ship rests on the James River, a silent witness to American nuclear ambitions during the Cold War. Both a passenger and cargo vessel, the N.S. Savannah made history—and then was overtaken by it. more


High Brige Trail State Park

Tricia Pearsall

With the completion of the High Bridge Trail State Park, a promise has been fulfilled. more



By Lynda Richardson

Photography exhibition of bald eagles on the James River more


Blissful Batteau

Mason Basten, courtesy of Scenic Virginia

Time to celebrate Virginia’s Scenic Rivers more than ever! more


With a conceptual plan in place, The James River Heritage Trail moves one step closer to reality. more

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Tricia Pearsall

Tricia Pearsall and her dog go looking for the last gasp of summer on the James River, but find a winter warning instead. more

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The Prettiest Office in the World - Feature

Shawn Yu

Chuck Frederickson knows more about the James than anyone - and is an advocate for its wellbeing. more


A River Renaissance

John Henley

The James River was in terrible shape 30 years ago, but cleanup efforts have largely restored its health. more


An Aquatic Playground

Neal Iwan

You can paddle, swim or even spend days traveling the James. For different people, on different stretches of the waterway, it is a different river - and that variety and unpredictability is the essence of its appeal. more


At Nancy Ross Hugo’s Flower Camp, students learn the art of floral arranging, commune with one another and get a creative nudge on how to spot beautiful design elements underfoot. more

House + Garden

Rivergate, on a bluff overlooking the James River near Lynchburg, is a Prairie-style home that echoes many of the principles espoused by Frank Lloyd Wright—natural materials, an open floor plan, integration with nature. It’s also a peaceful “escape.” more

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