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Ben Lomond is one of the oldest houses in Essex County, but the grand estate has many tales yet to tell. Read more

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Tractor pulling is about power, ingenuity and raw determination, having originated in the days when farmers vied for bragging rights to owning the strongest horse. Read more


A practical new use for old lobster-trap netting. Read more


The small, quick bobwhite has long been a favorite quarry for hunters. Private, conservation-minded preserves such as Blandfield Plantation in Essex County have become a redoubt for wild birds and the sporting folk who pursue them. Read more

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Kendale, a 2,500-acre estate on the Rappahannock River, is a tranquil refuge with meadows, cornfields and flowers of every hue surrounding a modernized family farmhouse. Photography by Walter Smalling & Roger Foley Read more

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