Horseback shooting dog trials test a gun dog’s wit and will, but even the most steady to wing and shot can give in to temptation. A bird can be irresistible, after all. Read more


We take to the field to appreciate the art of hunting with hounds. Read more


At first, it seemed clear who needed whom the most. Read more

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Baseball star Justin Verlander helps raise money for new animal shelter in Goochland. Read more

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Esmont-Greenfields Field Trial Club invests in the future of the sport. Read more

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Kristen Hoffman gave up a successful art career to train retrievers professionally. The job is tough, the lifestyle nomadic—but, she says, “there’s nothing better than being in a truck with a bunch of retrievers, headed somewhere.” Read more


Vineyards benefit from four-legged guardians. Read more

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Our favorite weddings with dogs. Because our four-legged friends should be there too. Read more

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A weekend jaunt to Roanoke fit for man and beast. Read more

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Most vineyards use deer fences, but Paul Krop of Good Luck Cellars in Kilmarnock once lost a third of his grapes to deer that jumped over his fence. Now his pack of 15 dogs, mainly walker hounds, keeps deer far away. Read more

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Luxe lodging for all at the Inn at Willow Grove. Read more


Hope Springs Farm Chesapeake Bay Retrievers

Julie Reardon

Made In Virginia Award winner Hope Springs Farm Chesapeake Bay Retrievers Read more



phil townley

Virginia setters rule at national shooting dog championship. Read more



roger foley

When it comes to judging at Westminster, this Virginian gets our vote for Best in Show. Read more


Gourmet dog bakeries are turning out homemade snacks that even the most discerning doggie diner won't be able to refuse! Read more

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Canine-inspired style worthy of the honor “Best in Show.” Read more

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As the Richmond SPCA prepares to celebrate its 120th anniversary with a gala event on June 9, we invited Robin Robertson Starr, its chief executive officer, to limn for us how the organization began, and to offer her thoughts about what lies ahead. Read more

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To hunt fox, you need swift horses, intrepid riders ... and hard-working hounds. Read more

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We can't get enough of these charming canines. Photographer Robb Scharetg offers an extended look at Middleburg's most famous residents, the amiable American foxhounds of the Middleburg Hunt. Read more

Blessing of the Hounds

Sterling Hundley

Wherein illustrator STERLING HUNDLEY depicts an 81-year-old Grace Church tradition. Read more


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