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Smart refrigerators are changing how you see your kitchen. Read more

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A new mixed-use development is rolling in to Virginia Beach. Read more


Experts explain the process for picking the perfect new home. Read more

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Cryotherapy and light therapy reward discomfort. Read more

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Customize your reception and share your style by choosing inspiration from the world beyond weddings. Read more

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Creating a thoughtful thanks for your guests is a labor of love. Read more

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Wedding etiquette tips for the new matrimonial era. Read more


Dentists give us the lowdown on some of the biggest trends in oral health today. Read more


From thinkers and makers to doers and risk-takers, Lexington is putting on a fresh face. Today, this once sleepy college town, where Lee and Jackson still loom large, is fast becoming a newly intriguing destination. Read more

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Meet Ruth Thompson, high-achieving senior athlete. Read more

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Meet Jill Tarr, high-achieving senior athlete. Read more

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Upper Flowerdew is a contemporary family home on a centuries-old Prince George County estate. It is also a nexus of history, family and the future. Read more

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Meet Charlie Edwards, high-achieving senior athlete. Read more

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Celebrating Virginia’s extraordinary bounty of agricultural wonders that are great on the plate, with a menu for the slightly more adventurous diner. Read more


A new guard of advanced and master sommeliers is changing the way wine is talked about and sold, and snobbishness is—mostly—off limits. Read more



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Rehearsal dinners get their chance to shine. Read more


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Manakin-Sabot estate becomes new event venue Read more

The Garden Club of Virginia celebrates 82 years of Historic Garden Week. Read more

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Floyd is a town unlike any other in Virginia—small and rugged, artistic and proud. Read more

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