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Our December 2007 issue marks Virginia Living’s fifth anniversary, and it does so in high style. On the cover, Big Apple socialite and Richmonder Tinsley Mortimer channels Millicent Rogers. Inside, personalities from Jerry Falwell to Rita Mae Brown to Douglas MacArthur’s mother show what makes our state extraordinary. In between, learn about C.F. Sauer’s new face and Virginia Tech’s Highty-Tighties’ new life. Plus, a holiday feast, decorating with magnolia, bird watching, arts, Roanoke eateries, a Christmas house and much more.

It took four years and a few bidding wars with luminaries like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rod Stewart to get Dover Hall furnished. The result is an astounding collection of period art and antiques. Read more

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Sausage Muffins

Robb Scharetg

A mix of protein with something sweet Read more


Creamed Brussel Sprouts

Robb Scharetg

A modern take on a classic vegetable Read more


Tinsley Mortimer Feature - Spirited Glamour

Robb Scharetg

With a nod to Mary Millicent Rogers, we present some classic looks and spectacular jewelry. Read more


meal brenda paul

Photography by Robb Scharetg | Recipes by J Frank | Prop styling by Tyler Darden

Their lives up-ended, a New Jersey couple came to Virginia by way of the Outer Banks and fell into farming. Read more



Photography by Robb Sharetg

It’s not easy being a small military band at a large, mostly civilian university, but after going through a rough patch, Virginia Tech’s Highty-Tighties are back in fighting trim. Read more


The Galápagos Islands have 250 animal species that exist nowhere else in the world—and a boat trip with just a few folks and a guide is the way to see some of them. Don’t mind the guano. Photography by Christine Ennulat Read more

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Chris White

Is that a belted kingfisher or an American oystercatcher? Take a trip with the Virginia Society of Ornithologists and you’ll see winged creatures in a different light. Illustration by Chris White Read more


Birdhouses aren’t just aviary hangouts—they’re reflections of the people who build them. Read more

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