Engage your bartender in conversation, and you just might get the best cocktail of your life. Read more

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Liven up an evening wedding reception with a breakfast-for-supper menu. Read more


Distilleries expand their tasting menus thanks to new ABC laws. Read more

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Ring in the new year with a few of our favorite cocktails. Read more

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Everything you need to know about bourbon, Virginia’s finest native spirit. Read more

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Richmond's cocktail artisans are taking the craft to a new level. Read more


Recipe courtesy of the newly-reopened Cavalier Hotel in Virginia Beach. Read more


Five of our favorite cocktails for spring. Read more

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Three of our favorite gin cocktails. Read more

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Three of our favorite whiskey drinks to warm your spirits. Read more

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Bone-chilling cocktails from some of our favorite mixologists. Read more

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Spice things up with some of our favorite recipes for fall cocktails. Read more

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What does the swelling craft distilling movement in Virginia say about us? Plus, some pretty smashing cocktail recipes from distilleries around the state. Read more

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Quirk Hotel's rooftop bar gets a makeover. Read more

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Even in the summer heat, refreshment is only a glass away. Read more


We could all use something tall and cool heading into the summer season. Read more

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We asked five of Virginia's top mixologists to create signature quaffs for our inaugural Best of Virginia Celebration. Click through this slideshow for the recipes! Read more


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Photo by Mark Atkinson

Recipe from The Tides Inn, Irvington Read more

Best of Virginia 2013

Enjoy cocktails made from local libations. Read more

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The sweet potato cocktail is both seasonal and original! Read more

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  • The Traveller Cocktail

  • The Manhattan Cocktail

  • The Hot and Heavy

  • The Black Dahlia

  • Mimosas

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    Shoot & Score Subscribe

    Oyster shooters from Virginia Living recipes. Smoke & Salt promotion for new bbq barbecue and oyster guide to restaurants in Virginia. Top pitmasters, shuckers and oyster farms, plus awards for top bbq barbecue and oysters in Virginia.

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