Christine Ennulat

Virginia Living's Associate Editor

Hero or Villain?

Good or bad, sassafras is powerful stuff. more »

Jan 23, 2015 9:05 AM Nature

Kip Dawkins

Good Tidings for the Nutty Season

… or a Christmas carol mash-up in which we fight nuts with nuts. more »

Eat in

If the Shrew Fits

A remarkable mammal with an apt name. more »

Nov 12, 2014 8:50 AM

The Primordial Stew

A pot of hearty food, nicely seasoned and bubbling away in the kitchen, goes a long way toward warming winter nights. more »

Eat in

Photography by Patricia Lyons | Food styling by J Fran

No Cranks

Our first and third presidents, Virginians both, were ice cream pioneers. You can be, too: The homemade summer miracle is back, sans the elbow grease. more »

Jun 30, 2014 4:41 PM Eat in

If the Shrew Fits

A remarkable mammal with an apt name more »

Sep 12, 2011 10:45 AM Nature

Full Circle

Landscape architect Richard Arentz didn't just build a country retreat in Fauquier County. Running Cedar is his serene "personal environment." more »

Apr 29, 2011 12:47 PM Home & Garden 1 Comments

This Spud's for You

Spring beauty signifies spring, with a nod to early Virginia botanist Clayton more »

Mar 11, 2011 1:51 PM Nature

Dam Beavers

Busy rodents make their mark more »

Dec 15, 2010 11:27 AM Nature

Snake Mistake

Look before you shoot more »

Aug 5, 2010 8:00 AM Nature

A Fondness for the Grape

A wine-themed exhibit features historic silver, glass and maps—some of the latter related to Thomas Jefferson’s 1787 tour of France’s wine country more »

Aug 3, 2010 9:17 AM Arts

Robert Meganck

Manatee or Myth

See sea cows by the sea shore - sometimes. more »

Jul 26, 2010 10:10 AM Nature 1 Comments

Roger Foley

Hallowed Ground

A succession of families has gotten their hands dirty at Oak Hill Farm, the estate of James Monroe, but it fell to the current owners to turn 3.5 acres of sprawling potential into a showplace. more »

Jul 14, 2010 6:28 PM Verdant 2 Comments

Cool Smoke's leftover ribs.

Robb Scharetg

Hog Wild

Wanting to reconnect with cooking, caterer Tuffy Stone leaped into the weird and wonderful world of competition barbeque. For the four years since, he’s traveled the country, coaxing magic from “a big old pork butt” and winning his way to national Team of the Year. A pit-side view of a barbeque festival. more »

Jun 30, 2010 12:42 PM Dine out

Robert Meganck

Little Suckers

Know your blood-sucking parasites. more »

Jun 8, 2010 3:55 PM Nature

Kimberly Brown

What a Zoo

In which a weekend trip to a local zoo inspires some journalistic recycling. more »

May 27, 2010 11:11 AM the beat

Creative Explosion

Minds Wide Open is a statewide extravaganza aimed at promoting the arts. With more than 630 separate events, there is plenty to see. more »

May 25, 2010 11:18 AM Arts

Kip Dawkins

Berry Unlikely

Sweet twists on the simplest summer fruits. more »

May 20, 2010 12:26 PM , Eat in

Courtesy of the Garden Club of Virginia

Ladies Who Launch

The Garden Club of Virginia gets things done. For nearly eight decades, its Historic Garden Week has helped to revive properties both celebrated and forgotten. more »

Apr 14, 2010 5:27 PM Outside

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