Ben Swenson

Coal has been one of virginia’s most valuable resources for more than 300 years. Here’s a look at the places and the people whose heritage has been shaped by the pursuit of this shiny black rock. more

Mar 25, 2015 11:13 AM Culture

An insider’s tour of Busch Gardens’ famous roller coasters reveals the complex engineering behind the thrill. more

Sep 12, 2014 8:42 AM


Casey Templeton

For the 200 farmers in southeastern Virginia’s peanut belt, this is a special time of the year: harvest season. Low prices have shrunk production volumes, but nobody is giving up on an iconic food crop that goes back nearly 170 years. more

Aug 28, 2014 2:04 PM Culture


Scott Wheeler

City residents set up backyard coops. more

Aug 6, 2014 9:27 AM


jon perry

Vintage base ball celebrates the soul of the sport. more

Jul 11, 2013 4:53 PM Culture


Adam Ewing

Virginia is home to 11 state-recognized Indian tribes that are working to pass their rich culture to the next generation. more

Sep 24, 2012 4:00 PM Travel 3 Comments

An even-handed look at Virginia's Sunday hunting ban more

Mar 16, 2012 11:13 AM Travel 29 Comments


Ben Swenson

A century and half later, Civil War trenches have become peaceful hiking destinations. more

Feb 6, 2012 1:19 PM Travel

Sunken Ships

Ben Swenson

70-year-old ships made out of concrete (no, really) now form a breakwater off the Eastern Shore's Kiptopeke Beach. more

Dec 23, 2011 2:20 PM Travel


Jeff Greenough

Fred's Restaurant, Franklin more

May 27, 2011 2:22 PM Food


Ben Swenson

A presidential park may lose its heads. more

Apr 26, 2011 9:35 AM Culture 1 Comments

Sand and Spectacle

Courtesy of Ocean View Museum

Ocean View Amusement Park was a major seaside attraction for 80 years, offering fishing, rides and crazy sideshow acts. more

Jan 4, 2011 11:43 AM Culture 6 Comments

Hard cider lifts spirits more

Dec 16, 2010 12:36 PM Food

Urban Renewal

Bill Boxer

Newport News has a blue-collar history, but these days it's home to a collection of public art that would impress any sophisticate. more

Nov 11, 2010 9:11 AM Culture


Robb Scharetg

Naval Air Station Oceana is one of America’s largest and most important military installations. Half of the U.S. Navy’s tactical aircraft are located at Oceana, where scores of pilots daily take to the sky to maintain a state of “combat readiness.” more

Jun 10, 2010 12:07 PM Culture

Joe Blythe Hands

Casey Templeton

After nearly 170 years, Virginia farms still grow some of the world’s best (and biggest) peanuts, and state processors still put the salty, crunchy morsels on tables across America. Photography by Casey Templeton more

Nov 4, 2009 2:06 PM Culture 1 Comments

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