August 2015 Issue


It’s a summer of good eats and sweet treats in the August 2015 issue of Virginia Living. We get rich thrills from slow grills in our food story, which features rib recipes from around the world (including what may just be the best southern rib recipe we’ve ever tasted), and meet the masters of Chinese cuisine in our dining department. For dessert, we take a trip down memory lane with Virginia candymakers, from the storied centenarians to the ambitious upstarts. Plus, we follow the restoration of Virginia’s first hot rod and the 350th anniversary of Bacon’s Castle in Surry. Television sweetheart Jayma Mays talks growing up in Grundy and life after Glee, we honor a courageous Richmond veterinarian a decade after her Hurricane Katrina animal rescue mission and pay homage to the dead mules of Southern literature. Plus, the best river floats in the state, the Staunton music festival, Orange County cloggers and more. Also in this issue, the special bound-in supplement Dental Health, featuring the secret lives of dentists, toothpaste of the future, oral cancer screening and more, plus Top Dentists 2015. Pick up your copy of the August 2015 issue today!

When it comes to making the most succulent ribs, the name of the game is low and slow. Read more


Not sure what the difference is between baby back and spare ribs? Don’t know if your recipe would be best suited with a St. Louis or a Denver cut? Look no further. Read more

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Some of the best Cantonese, Sichuan and Hunan-style cooking in the country is being done by Virginia chefs who show us a world of Chinese cuisine that is so much more than run-of the-mill lo mein. Read more


These equines—dear, departed—are the stuff of Southern tales. Read more


The American bullfrog is a king among amphibians. Read more


“Where is the Chair?” campaign takes on oral cancer. Read more


Hello World, meet Richmond. Richmond, meet Cycling. Read more

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The family behind Ben King, one of Virginia's top pro cyclists. Read more

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From 100-year-old stalwarts to modern upstarts, Virginia’s confectioners are feeding a nostalgic niche. Read more


The most idyllic waterways in the state are issuing their siren call to devoted kayakers and canoers to gear up and float awhile. Read more


What do our favorite dentists do when they're not safeguarding our oral health? Meet a photographer and a ballroom dancer, a team of cyclists, a musician and an artist, all as accomplished in their off-hours as they are in the examining room. Read more

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A Southern-fried book tour conjures memories of cool rides. Read more


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