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Take a leap of faith this summer with the August 2012 issue of Virginia Living! Our inspirational cover story is Sara Jackson’s exhilarating account of her inaugural skydiving experience, while our Richmond feature focuses on the brave young entrepreneurs injecting the old city with with a new enthusiasm and creative energy—welcome to RVA. We also offer a guide to upscale party poker fare that will guarantee you’ll always have something promising in hand. Or if you just want to get away from it all, then take your time reading our relaxing Tides Inn travel story. We also take in a country retreat built on one of the oldest English settlements in the New World and see how a garden is transformed when a landscape designer says “I do” to a landscape architect. Also inside: We profile taekwondo fighter Terrence Jennings, who will compete at the London 2012 Olympics, offer a guide to transatlantic treats so you can enjoy summer games like a Brit, go behind the scenes of a roller coaster, welcome Virginia Rep to the stage and more!



At 13,500 feet, Sara Jackson has to decide if this is her moment of truth, or just insanity. Read more

Feature 2 Comments

This versatile garden pavilion rises to every occasion for an Ashland couple. Read more

House + Garden

An insider’s tour of Busch Gardens’ famous roller coasters reveals the complex engineering behind the thrill. Read more


Parker Benbow

A hungry writer waxes philosophical about his love for summer’s Goliath of the garden. Read more


Mark Atkinson

There is something about the Tides Inn, set on a peninsula overlooking Carter's Creek on the historic Northern Neck, that has kept guests coming back again and again for generations. Read more


Kip Dawkins

Poker party fare fit for guys who appreciate good grub as much as a winning hand. Read more

Long thought of as the staid scion of the state, Richmond is awash with a new energy that is revealing its sophistication, style, and entrepreneurial spirit. Read more


Alexandria's Terrence Jennings fought his way to Olympic bronze in London. Read more


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