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In the August 2011 issue of Virginia Living you’ll fin an epic retrospective about the rich 100-year-old surfing tradition in Virginia Beach, the birthplace of East Coast surfing. From the beach to the woods, we venture into Shenandoah National Park for a deeper look at the park’s 200,000 acres of raw, splendid nature as it celebrates its 75th anniversary, and we get excited about all-things-cherry with a visit to 103-year-old Levering Orchard in Ararat. We try to suss out what it is that has made the shag the house dance of the South and take a peek inside a sophisticated weekend redoubt filled with light and air on Carter’s Creek. Also inside: Capt. Mary M. Jackson, the first female commanding officer of Naval Station Norfolk; an interview with Civil War artifact expert Shannon Pritchard; multi-faceted VCU professor Richard Roth; a witty historical radio show and more.

Levering Orchard has a cherry disposition. Read more


Lounging on a mesh chair, soaking in the summer rays as the ocean breeze lightly caresses your body: Yep, the beach always offers relief from the muggy misery of late summer. Its brisk winds and salty water create an escape we can’t resist. Read more


Warm weather and the lure of the Mediterranean motif. Read more

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Photography by Tony Giammarino | Styling by Mona Dworkin

A once prosaic weekend home in White Stone has been transformed into a sophisticated redoubt. Read more

House + Garden 2 Comments

In this withering satire, a Harley Davidson-riding con man makes millions as the head of a faith-healing ministry, until he gets his comeuppance. Read more


Jim Lehrer, Sandra Day O'Connor and Gordon Wood honored by Colonial Williamsburg Foundation. Read more



Catriona Tudor Erler

The Periwinkle Garden of Albert and Donna Ernest is a series of serene, enclosed spaces—informal and formal, intimate and grand, all enriched with a variety of textures, colors and scents—that wend around an Albemarle County house. Read more

House + Garden

VCU’s Richard Roth is a teacher, author, designer, collector and post-modern painter. Did we miss anything? Yes—and he doesn’t take himself too seriously. Read more


Luxe party accessories from France Read more



Stewart Ferebee

Virginia Beach does not have big waves, but it does have a rich history of surfing—it's where East Coast surfing got its start. An epic retrospective! Read more

Travel 6 Comments

The balanced craftsmanship of jewelry maker Marie Chamblin Dirom. Read more



Illustration by Kerry P. Talbott

Think history is dull? You haven't heard the three jaunty academics who've made Backstory a surprisingly engaging public-radio show. Read more


There is nothing endearing about the deer fly. Read more

House + Garden

Capt. Mary M. Jackson, Commanding Officer of Naval Station Norfolk, concentrates on her (big) job not her gender. Read more



Rob Ullman

Woman fined a fin for cussing cop on pup patrol. Read more



Illustration by Shane Rebenschied

How do we divest ourselves of family artifacts and yet still honor the past? Read more


Illustration by Michael Koelsch

What dance is closely associated with beach music, as Southern as "pouring salted peanuts into a sweating bottle of co-cola," and still going strong after 75 years? Read more



Photography and Styling by Stacey Haines

Sweet and refreshing, perfect for a hot summer day. Read more


Events across the Commonwealth commemorating the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War offer something for everyone. Read more


A trio of newish Arlington eateries have vibrant bars, inventive food, and sparkling, big-city atmosphere. Read more


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