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Our August 2010 issue takes us inside some most interesting places. At a reenactment of the Battle of New Market 146 years after the fact, we get a vivid taste of that experience and some insight into this increasingly popular hobby. Another Virginia tradition—Galax’s Old Fiddlers’ Convention—is five days of pickin’ and grinnin’ that draws thousands to the southwestern corner of the state. We profile Leni Sorenson, Monticello’s African American research historian, who educates us about the perfect BLT. Also, Blue Ridge Farm, boatbuilder Steve Zimmerman, up-and-coming fashion designer Jules Reid, manatees, a gardening dream and a gardening nightmare, and much more.

BLT Recipes - Living by Hand

Patricia Lyons

Leni Sorensen tells us how to make one of her favorite summer sandwiches, made with local, homemade ingredients. Read more


A New Kent resident turns salvaged windows into simple art Read more


Fish Stories - Feature

John Henley

Want to watch people at Virginia Beach? Head for the boardwalk. Want to catch a wahoo, tuna or marlin? Head for Rudee Inlet, a hot spot for sport fishing. Read more


Where you tend a rose - 5

Roger Foley

Sandy Helsel's Williamsburg cottage garden, inspired by a trip to the Cotswolds, packs plenty of surprises in a not-so-secret place. Read more

House + Garden 1 Comments


Erik Kvalsvik

After a painstaking restoration effort, a historic Albemarle County manor house has been returned to its 1920s design, when renowned architect William Lawrence Bottomley and landscape architect Charles F. Gillette imbued it with an effortless charm. Read more

House + Garden

Painter of Light - Feature

Robert Stuart

Inspired by nature and the Japanese aesthetic, Robert Stuart switched from representational to abstract works. It was, he says, “the beginning of my adventure.” Read more

Culture 2 Comments

Mayo Island Homer - Feature

Sterling Hundley

Wherein illustrator Sterling Hundley depicts Lou Gehrig hitting a ball into the James River. Read more


A Magical Craft - Feature

Lee Baskerville and Tyler Darden

Why does one become a builder of boats? W. Matthew Shipman talks to Steve Zimmerman, of Zimmerman Marine in Mathews, about the challenges and joys of running a boatyard. Read more

Travel 3 Comments

Reaping Havoc - Feature

Tyler Darden

A Powhatan-Philadelphia farm experiment goes awry Read more

House + Garden 4 Comments

Nude Fest - Feature

Rob Ullman

County bans clothing-optional, and naturists steer clear Read more


Jules Reid spent years selling stocks in NYC but always had her sights on the the Garment District. Now, she's launched her bright first collection, with a second due this fall. Read more

Culture 1 Comments

Seize the Donut - Feature

Lynne Brubaker

A Charlottesville couple’s organic twist on the crisp yet soft indulgence Read more

Food 1 Comments

Seismic Siberia - Backstory - Feature

Tricia Pearsall

We chat with Tricia Pearsall: adventuring pen-woman and lifelong world-traveler who has been everywhere from Panama to Nepal and post-Soviet Kyrgyzstan to Machu Picchu. Read more

Travel 2 Comments

Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula, at the eastern edge of Siberia, is home to 160 volcanoes, at least 30 of them active. This is our Earth at its most raw—bubbling, violent and utterly mesmerizing. Read more


Lemaire Feature

Tyler Darden

The Jefferson Hotel has revamped its flagship restaurant, Lemaire. The former bastion of fine dining is now a more approachable restaurant, with a new lounge and an earnest commitment to quality, regional food. Read more


April 27, 2010 • Chrysler Museum of Arts, Norfolk Read more


March 13, 2010 • Creighton Model Home, Leesburg Read more

About Town

Aug. 3, 2010 • The Stanton Home, Chesapeake Read more


April 23, 2010 • Poplar Forest, Forest Read more

About Town

May 22, 2010 • Hylton Performing Arts Center, Manassas Read more

About Town

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