August 2003 Issue


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Virginia Living’s cover story explores the Commonwealth’s beaches and a wide variety of beach sports, from kayaking to kite boarding. Discover Virginia-made yachts, and learn about the life of a Virginia Beach surfer. Compare 18th-century beauty regimens in Colonial Williamsburg to modern routines, and celebrate the Bard at a performance at Staunton’s Blackfriars playhouse. From Fairy Stone State Park to moss gardens, the August issue celebrates the organic beauty of Virginia’s natural settings—and so much more.

Rare Nature, Close In

John Henley

Call It Seashore or First Landing — It’s the Beach’s Crown Jewel Read more


Taking Back Bay Feature

Chris Crumley

Kayaking is Another Way to the Water Read more


Surfer Culture 2

Chris Crumley

Growing Up a VB Surfer Read more


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