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You want spring? Virginia Living's April issue brings you spring in its fullest glory, starting with the spectacular gardens at Mount Sharon in Orange County. We also visit two homes in Richmond's Church Hill that'll be open for this year's Historic Garden Week (as will the gardens at Mount Sharon). Want more? There's the Daffodil Show in Lynchburg—and asparagus statewide (with recipes). Also, see how a chic eatery in Roanoke's new Taubman Museum has lit a fire under that city's dining scene, and peek inside the expansive revamping of the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. Learn how bees work their sweet magic, about the challenges they face, and about what people are doing to help. All this and more in the April 2010 issue of Virginia Living.


Robb Scharetg

Honeybees are crucial to our environment as primary pollinators of plants, and scientists are scrambling to discover the causes of the recent decline in their numbers. One group might help to reverse the trend: beekeepers. Read more

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Robert Meganck

Good or bad, sassafras is powerful stuff. Read more


Cynical cops hunting hard-luck losers—and, always, bloody crimes: It’s a collection of noir. Read more



Robb Scharetg

A go-to place for classic car collectors. Read more




In the Dutch capital, a rich collection of Baroque, neoclassical and early-20th-century expressionist structures coexists almost organically with a new crop of contemporary buildings, creating what one designer calls “a good friction.” Read more



Tyler Darden

The Taubman Museum is transforming Roanoke’s cultural landscape and attracting a new kind of tourist to the city—and downtown eateries are striving to keep up. Read more



Guy Billout

With its $150 million renovation and expansion, the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts now has the wherewithal to, as one curator puts it, “surprise people with the treasures on view in their own backyard.” Read more



Roger Foley

Over the last decade, an Orange County couple has created an ambitious, spectacular garden with English, French and Italian influences. But the strongest presence of all is the Virginia countryside beyond. Read more

House + Garden

Asparagus feature

Kip Dawkins

Now is the time to stalk the many possibilities of asparagus. Read more


Clifton sign

Tyler Darden

Formerly a railroad depot and, 100 years ago, the largest and most progressive town in Fairfax County, Clifton is now a “back-in-time” community thanks to its strategic location and its commitment to preservation. Read more

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Speakeasy pink martini

Tyler Darden

Unmarked doors, passwords, exclusive elegance: The speakeasy is back, serving up carefully crafted cocktails with Jazz Age ambience. Read more

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Upperville Restores a once-swinging landmark. Read more


More than 250 homes statewide will be open for Historic Garden Week April 17-25—including the 1861 Yarbrough house in Richmond's Church Hill. By design “neither nicer nor worse than” the identical house next door, today it is fully restored, full of Read more

House + Garden

baskerville feat

Kip Dawkins

The Federal-style home in the middle of Carrington Row was considered sleek and modern when it was built in 1818—and, thanks to its current owner, it’s still very much so today. Read more

House + Garden

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