Ancient and armored, the longnose gar is a long-lived survivor. more


Baseball star Justin Verlander helps raise money for new animal shelter in Goochland. more

The Daily Post

In cold-weather months, golden eagles soar high above Virginia’s western mountains. more


KuneKunes were once endangered, but now this exceptionally social breed of pig from New Zealand is thriving in Virginia. more

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These featherweight frequent fliers go the distance. more


Just because you never see them doesn't mean the bobcats aren't out there. more

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Virginia Bird Breeding Atlas gets an update. more

The Daily Post

If a river otter is nearby, you can kiss the fish in your privately stocked pond goodbye. more


The Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute in Front Royal used to specialize in animal research. Now, its mission has been expanded to include not just studying endangered animals, but also saving them and their habitats from extinction. more


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