October 2013 Issue


The October 2013 issue of Virginia Living is all about innovation. Our cover story focuses on Rutger de Vink of RdV Vineyards in Delaplane, chronicling how de Vink went about producing a world-class wine in Virginia, and how he plans to sell it to the world. East meets West in our second feature, with VCUarts’ branch campus in Doha, Qatar, celebrating its 15th anniversary this year. We celebrate education throughout the Commonwealth with our inaugural State of Education bound-in supplement, featuring our list of Top High Schools & Colleges 2013, with nearly 150 Virginia schools spotlighted for excellence and innovation.

Also inside, we meet Alexandria political comedy troupe the Capitol Steps, Virginia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce founder and CEO Michel Zajur and L’Auberge Chez François Chef Jacques Haeringer. We veg out with meatless recipes from five top Virginia chefs, walk the Wicklow Way in Ireland and look inside the One Nest Project in Delaplane—a green home design that weds sustainability with style. All that, plus Parisian bistros, the Dominion Derby Girls, black-widow spiders, poison bottles, green burials, the Virginia International Raceway and more.

October 2013 issue stories will soon be available to read online, or you can buy the magazine here.

Walking the Wicklow Way, against the elements, toward Ireland’s capital. Read more


Promised Land

Mark Edward Atkinson

Is it possible to make a world-class wine in Virginia? Rutger de Vink, of RdV Vineyards in Delaplane, says yes. Now he has to sell it. Read more



courtesy of operation smile

Volunteers at Virginia Beach-based Operation Smile travel the world to help kids overcome physical deformities and discover that a smile is worth a thousand words. Read more


The One Nest Project in Fauquier County could be the beginning of a revolution in green home design, transforming cold and sterile to stylish and inviting. Read more

House + Garden


Megan Mullsteff

Green burials provide an ecologically sound exit strategy. Read more


Gary Hovland

Cat obsession causes civic unrest. Read more

The Doha, Qatar, branch campus of VCUarts may be half a world away, but kindred spirits bridge cultural divides in this desert city. Read more


A delightfully dangerous collection. Read more


Outfitting hardcore reenactors for nearly 20 years. Read more



Mark Edward Atkinson

From a tent at Woodstock to a table at Bouley, meatless meals have earned caché. Read more


Mike Amalfitano

Virginia Beach roller derby team is hungry for Fresh Meat. Read more


Dan Vaden

How one racy woman took Virginia International Raceway from cow pasture to premier motorsports resort. Read more

Oct. 5, 2013 • Jefferson Hotel, Richmond Read more

About Town

A guide to Paris, by the bistro. Read more


Capitol Steps

David Deal

The Capitol Steps tackle the nation’s political problems one nonpartisan poke at a time. Read more


It’s time to rethink the black widow’s lethal reputation. Read more

, House + Garden

At L’Auberge Chez François in Great Falls, butter is brazenly mentioned in a major percentage of entrée descriptions; cream sauces nap anything from veal to crab; princely truffles and saffron are used with a liberal hand. Read more

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Noroflk Collegiate Sailing

Courtesy of Norfolk Collegiate

Norfolk Collegiate School’s sailing team leaves others in its wake. Read more

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