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Lettuce and Tomato Sandwich

Growing up in the 60s, we were very poor and my Mom, a widow with 6 kids, just couldn't afford lunchmeat. So, a sandwich of cheap white bread, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise was what we ate instead of pbj. Today, at 58, it's comfort food to me. But I'm now a tomato snob. It doesn't matter what kind of white bread. The brand of mayo doesn't long as it's Real mayo. But the lettuce can only be iceberg and the tomato has to be top notch with clear juice and no mealiness. Best eats any time of day!

Maggie 339 days ago


I'm a west coast girl, can that explain why I've never heard of dukes?

Kay Jay 346 days ago


Duke's is the mayonaise of the South East. It's the absolute best mayonaise and is made by Richmond, Virginia's Sauers.

Sandy Parrish 342 days ago

Get Dukes

It is not sold out west at last check. I have had it shipped from their website. It's worth it by a wide margin.

GW 337 days ago

Keep it simple

Toasted English muffin, Duke's, thick slab of tomato (salted and peppered), bacon and lettuce optional.

JDL 350 days ago

Fresca's tomato sammy rocks

Yes, it's strictly 'maters and Duke's on white at home, but Fresca's tomato sandwich in a baked-to-order pita slathered with wasabi mayo is a killer that I can't replicate in my own kitchen. Craving. One. Now.

Jason Tesauro 350 days ago


That made to order pita sounds good - and might help catch the drips!

Phaedra Hise 350 days ago

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