Them Apples

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ABV and fermentation time

Ciders naturally ferment 4% up to about 8.5% abv depending on the initial sugar content of the apples. Some of the favorite crab apples that are used in hard cider might even ferment up to 10% abv, but few people enjoy single varietal crab apple cider; it's very high in acid and tannin!

Additionally, depending on fermentation style, cider ferments can take up to 2 months (8 weeks) to complete.

Sarah C-S more than 2 years ago

Them Apples

Actually, what sets Courthouse Creek apart is the fact that they are the ONLY cidery in VA that follows natural wine methods. Everything is fermented and/or aged in barrels or wood foeders. No sulfites, no filtering, no fining, no additives of any kind occur during production.

Eric Cioffi more than 2 years ago

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