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Best BBQ south of the Mason Dixon line

McCoys BBQ best I've had anywhere.

Timothy S Ludwig 4 hours ago


First off the BBQ is by far the best I have ever had, but that is just the beginning, the sides are all UNBELIEVABLE!! Dont know what to order, just close your eyes and point at the menu, no matter what you get, its the best. Speaking of The Best, The owners and staff are top notch!

Paul 5 hours ago

Best bbq EVER

I love Triple Crown barbecue the pork, chicken and beef are the best I’ve ever eaten!

D. Mcleod 5 hours ago

Kings Barbecue

There are many Barbecue Restaurants around, some made it others faded off. Growing up in Virginia you were introduced to Barbecue at a young age Sunday dinners, gatherings for parties or just dinner Hands down Favorite has and still is KINGS Barbecue. Many great memories have been made over a plate of your Barbecue! Thank you Kings 🌿

Nancy 7 hours ago


Best ever

Linda Johnston 8 hours ago

Love Scoots. Don’t think it let me vit

Wouldn’t take my vote for scoots

LindCraig 11 hours ago

Not taking my vote for McCoys either

What’s going on with the website?

Patricia 11 hours ago

We love McCoys BBQ

#1 bbq

Patricia 12 hours ago


Love that smoked flavor and tender meat! Friendly and attentive staff!

Debbie Richardson 1 day ago

King’s Rules

When you look up barbecue in the dictionary there seems be a picture of “ King’s!”

Daphne 1 day ago

Triple crown bbq

Every Friday I stop here on my lunch break. Sweet tea and a smoked sausage topped with pulled pork and slaw! Hits the spot! Their friendly staff know my usual and always have it ready in a hurry. They never disappoint!

CSC 1 day ago

Triple Crown BBQ

Wow! We happened upon this little stand on our way home to NC from PA after dropping off our daughter at College. Do NOT tell on us but their Pulled Pork Sandwich and slaw were THE best bbq we have ever eaten and the smoked half chicken literally fell off the bone and melted in our mouths. Super friendly folks and their young son who recommended the chicken, potato salad and slaw did NOT steer us wrong. We will be back!

Melissa and Don Otey 1 day ago


I did not like brisket until like ate Scoot’s brisket tacos. And every time I go there that’s what I get.

Janice Lane 1 day ago


The best! Every year I send bottles of their sauce to my family in Chicago and Atlanta!

Patty 1 day ago


Scoots is the best BBQ you will ever have. The staff and owners are friendly and culinary geniuses when it come to BBQ.

Linda Johnston 1 day ago


I judge all other bbq by kings. Been eating it my whole life and hands down the best of anywhere in all my travels around the world!

Daphne 1 day ago


I judge all other bbq by kings. Been eating it my whole life and hands down the best of anywhere in all my travels around the world!

Daphne 1 day ago

Triple Crown BBQ

Triple Crown BBQ is Absolutely the #1 favorite Road Stop of the New Riders of the Purple Sage- Top of the Top - High up in Luray Virginia, when our bus pulls in here the Coleman Family really takes care of business and serves up the best barbecue we’ve ever had ! Like everything they do it’s 110% and they make sure to fill up the bus galley with plenty of leftovers.

Captain Toast 2 days ago



Cynthia J Marshall 2 days ago

Best I've ever had!

Every time I come back to Virginia, I insist we go to Kings! Headed there in October and hope we make it to Kings twice!

Sandy Smith 2 days ago

Triple Crown BBQ

100% absolutely the best. Small but full of talent and hospitality!

Amanda 2 days ago

Kings BBQ

Absolutely THE BEST BBQ EVER, ANYWHERE! is family owned and run KINGS BBQ!

Tina B. 2 days ago

No women or minorities judging?

How is it possible that you were unable to find any women or minority judges? I’ve eaten AMAZING barbecue all my life in many places, and feel confident you could ha diversified this group! I would venture to say your readers are much more diverse than your panel of judges!

Pam Flasch 2 days ago


I've lived up and down the east coast, and nothing beats King's! Their sauce is so good. I can't find any better anywhere. The world should know about King's.

Kelly 3 days ago


My great aunt Shirley worked there for as long as I can remember. My grandma would stop in and say hi and take home some pulled pork and Cole slaw. I miss it SO much. I live in Texas now. Texans don't have a clue about BBQ. My grandma used to mail me King's BBQ sauce by the gallon. Best food EVER!

Kathryn 3 days ago

McCoy’s for best bbq in America!!!

I vote McCoy’s for the best bbq in the USA 🇺🇸

Jim 3 days ago

I agree 100%

100% The Best!

Nick 3 days ago

Scoots is the best!

Scoots is the best!

Barb Kauneckas 3 days ago

Kings is the BEST!!!

Kings BBQ is awesome and has the history to prove it!

Libby Gatewood 3 days ago


Hands down. No doubt about it!

Megan 3 days ago

King's BBQ

Have never had King's BBQ but if they were able to beat out ZZQ, they deserve to win it all.

Patty Kruszewski 3 days ago


I have been eating at King's Bar B-Q most of my 69 years. They are fantastic.

Kay Rowlett Rowe 3 days ago


We have been eating Kings for 40+ years's THE best! We have recently moved to OHIO - and miss it terribly! But you can bet when we return "home" we will ALWAYS get Kings!!!

Norma 3 days ago


Kings Barbecue is, in my opinion, the yardstick by which all other barbecue should be measured! I grew up near the restaurant. As a kid, second to eating the barbecue, was smelling the hickory smoke wafting across Flank Rd. from Kings while playing at Ft. Davis. I live in another part of the state now and no one beats Kings!

Clay Walthall 3 days ago

Kings bbq

I agree!! Best bbq AND sauce!

Gail 2 days ago


The brisket burger is on point. Sooo good

Charles 3 days ago

Kings BBQ the best!

The best in the north, south, west and east!

Katherine Queen 3 days ago


The best BBQ I have ever had and I have had BBQ in many places.

Gary 3 days ago

Mccoys BBQ

They have the best food I’ve ever tasted. I love everything but Im especially fond of the Pulled Pork and Ribs. Their homemade sides are to die for!! If you haven’t tried them please do so. The banana pudding is making my mouth water thinking about it!

Katie 3 days ago

Vinegar or tomato based sauce? Who cares if it isn't Kings?!

King's BBQ is simply the Best!!!

Ann Perkins 3 days ago

Kings BBQ-Petersburgt

I was born and raised in Petersburg, VA, and grew up eating at Kings BBQ. There is no BBQ, anywhere, like it. I live an hour away now, but I plan my doctor's appts, shopping trips, etc, around the days Kings is open. The pork BBQ is off the chain, and Dear Lord, if you want a sensation you'll take home with you, just sink your teeth into the BBQ beef. This tradition has lasted throughout the years, and there is no better. Folks from NC and Texas, and other areas argue with me. However, I've had the rest, and Kings is still the best! Oh by the way, once you recover from the heavenly flavors of the pork or beef, throw one of their awesome onion rings in your mouth, and it's off to the top of the mountain again! Best food, best family, and best people ever... Their food is complemented by a wonderful staff (subliminal msg "Whitney Jarratt"), and a great atmosphere.

David Blount 3 days ago


Triple crown has a variety of options but with that being said it’s so hard to pick because everything is delicious. Also the staff is very friendly! Triple crown is an all around wonderful place to be!

Jessica 3 days ago

Triple Crown. The BEST!!

The BEST! Triple Crown!!

Art 3 days ago

Scoot's BBQ

Before you walk in the door the aroma of the pit is in the air. A mix of Tangy and Sweet permeates the senses and then your mouth starts watering. When you get inside the staff are ready to make your experience a memorable one. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Then, when you take a bite of brisket it melts in your mouth. The pulled pork is so good I have to take another home after eating one. Since they have Pork, Beef and chicken BBQ its a nice variety and everyone is just as good as the first. How do they do it. I love Scoot's.

Teresa Montgomery 3 days ago

Scoot's - Great staff and the food is the star!

Scoot's BBQ is fantastic! Everything I've had is delicious. Tender, flavorful brisket and pulled pork. Their fried chicken is so good and their hushpuppies are perfect. What a great place to hang out and have some really good food. The staff is always helpful and super friendly. You gotta go visit if you love BBQ!

Shanny B 4 days ago


I can’t figure out how to vote. The links don’t work.

Robert Lynn 4 days ago

Scoots BBQ

Absolutely the best, whether you want beef, pork or chicken. Yum. And the sides are amazing and include southern fried okra, Mac and cheese and , mouth watering onion rings

Linda Johnston 4 days ago


I voted the first and second round, but I cannot figure out how to vote now. KING'S Bar B-Q is the best. I hope they win.

Kay Rowlett Rowe 3 days ago

Scoot’s is the one!

You just have to love Scoot’s BBQ. The brisket is tender and juicy and the pulled pork is melt in your mouth delicious. As for Karen and Gary, they are the icing on the cake. Go Scoot’s!

Bob Anderson 4 days ago


KING'S BBQ in Petersburg, Va. is THE BEST, NO. 1... LQQK NO FURTHER! I have wondered at times during my 68 years, "Why KING'S BBQ tasted so awesome?" Well, one thing's true! No matter where you go, No matter where you will never, ever put a piece of BBQ in your mouth that is as GOOD as KING'S! I've watched them chop; I've watched them mix, (best sauce anywhere); I've watched them pile it high, (they are not skimpy); Then, I've enjoyed every mouthful from beginning to end, of a plate with THE BEST BBQ ANYWHERE...Go from fork to mouth; And this old girl wishes right now I could enjoy it again! Living 3 hours away from this pleasure is sad. Well, my Hometown of Petersburg, VA. has the BEST BBQ ANYWHERE, KING'S BBQ...YOU HAVE BEEN A FRIEND OF MINE! I Love It All; Friendly Atmosphere, the Best Aroma in Town, the Best Slaw, Biscuits and Apple Pie...But Most of All the Best BBQ Any Man or Woman, Could Ever Put In Their Mouth! I can taste it now...I've searched far and wide, in many towns and states...NONE COMPARES TO THE BEST, KING'S BBQ of Petersburg, VA. Is there a BLUE RIBBON for BBQ? ❤🐷❤💯

Ginger Rafferty 4 days ago


Sooo true and well said. Just drive by and smell the air of tradition💕🐷

Donna Phipps 3 days ago


Hooray for McCoys!

Gwendolyn Smith 4 days ago

Kings in THE best anywhere!

I was raised in Petersburg and have tried lots of BBQ since but none comes close. Same for their outstanding onion rings.

Virginia Fluet 4 days ago

Scoots BBQ

Amazing award winning bbq. Their brick and mortar is wonderful. Friendly staff and terrific owners. Their catering business is over the top, quality and quantity. Good luck Scoots!!

Teresa Kelley 5 days ago

McCoy’s BBQ

Best in town. The food is always great!

Ronald Coles 5 days ago

Scoots BBQ

Not only the VERY Best Q but Scoots has the Best Staff and the Best Owners!!

Bob Tschirhart 5 days ago

McCoy’s bbq

I love this place 😍

Jazmine Washington 5 days ago

McCoy’s barbecue

Best barbecue ever.

Donna 5 days ago

Scoots BBQ

Scoots can't be beat It is hard to decide what you want since everything is delicious and wonderful. When you leave you are planning on when you will come back. No doubt.

Shannah Cooper 5 days ago

King's bbq

Absolutely love King's BBQ

Stephanie Ivey 5 days ago

McCoys BBQ

The best!

Jason 5 days ago

Kings BBQ

Best BBQ IN VA I have been eating there since I was a child and I am almost 70!

Katherine 6 days ago

Triple Crown

The best. Drop dead wonderful.

Cathy 6 days ago

Scoots BBQ

Delightfully tender and flavorful brisket.

Sarajane M Troxel 6 days ago


Best barbeque around, best place to eat!!! the wife and I have been eating here for years

John 6 days ago

Triple Crown

Insanely tasty food and amazing customer service. Can’t be beaten.

Sophie Dennison 6 days ago

McCoys BBQ

McCoys got some awesome Q. I plan to try the others but having a hard time believing that it can be better than McCoys. These guys got it figured out.

Jason 6 days ago

Scripts BBQ

We always enjoy everything we get to eat at Scoots. Nice family atmosphere!

Betty Rhodes 6 days ago

Kings BBQ

The absolute Best on the East Coast!! I live in Florida and have to eat at Kings each time I return to Virginia ! No one comes close!!

Trish 6 days ago

Scoots BBQ

We have always gotten good bar b q at Scoots

Jerry 6 days ago

There is only one truth in BBQ - King's.

Simply the best.

Ann Perkins 6 days ago


My parents warmed my baby bottle on the potbelly stove in the original Kings. I have been eating Kong’s ever since. Best BBQ ever!!!

Jim 6 days ago

McCoy's bbq ❤

Mccoy's bbq in Fredericksburg is simply AMAZING FOOD AS WELL AS CUSTOMER SERVICE. We've been going for years and will continue to do so. ❤

Robyn Poole 6 days ago

McCoy's is the REAL McCoy!

McCoys BBQ is consistently amazing! Food is always scrumptious, and service is spot on! You get genuinely friendly, kind people handling your order, and you get great food! Side dishes are on par with the meats too! Their green beans, and smoked mac n cheese will bring you back again and again! And that pulled pork and ribs .. mmm so good. Last, don't forget that banana pudding to finish it off! LOVE McCOY'S!!!

Tanya Wright 6 days ago

McCoy's BBQ

The food is so good I try to buy enough to last through the winter months. All of the meats are seasoned to perfection. Vote McCoy’s BBQ

Carolyn 6 days ago

King's is the best

Not sweet, just right. King's is the best

Kathy Jenkins 6 days ago

Our go to place for years.

Always tasty! We love this barque Was raised on this. The meat is wonderful great biscuits and hush puppies Perfect real milk shakes and oh the apple pie.. .

Earlene 6 days ago

Kings BBQ

Kings is a great family restaurant. I live in Kansas now but was from Petersburg, Va. Where we used to eat all the time. We go back and see my sister in law and go to Kings to restock our Kansas cupboards. Kings is the BEST

Tim Gorman 6 days ago


Best of the best! Either eating in or take out, it is all delicious! My family loves going to eat here. Very friendly and down home atmosphere!

Debbie Richardson 6 days ago


I live in northern New Hampshire.

I fly to Richmond once a year just to visit Kings. I have no family there. No friends. No work. Just Kings.

I take my BBQ very seriously. Kings is perfect, timeless and simply the best. It's worth the journey.

Rick 6 days ago

McCoy's BBQ

Best BBQ and Sides in the DMV !!! I drive from Maryland weekly to "dig-in" on great food and top notch customer service.

Kerby 6 days ago

Kings & Scoots

Scoots vs Kings
just Like I've been saying from the beginning, 2 best I've had in VA

#804 best Kings
#757 best Scoots

Brad 6 days ago

McCoys BBQ

Best BBQ and Soul food sides! Truly a place that puts love in what they do. Thankful your serving our area and providing that delicious food that makes your taste buds say thank you. Love is always on the plates. 💞

Dania 6 days ago


Vote for McCoy's BBQ, if you know about BBQ you know they got the BEST BBQ!! 💯Got my vote!

Chrissy 6 days ago

McCoys BBQ

Best barbecue not only Virginia but in the entire country.

David A. Ruggieri 6 days ago


King's rules over Flavortown baby!

Richard Hooper 6 days ago

Kings BBQ

Best bbq around. I'll take this over any in the area. Always been my favorite.

Celeste Wilkerson 6 days ago

Kings BBQ , Petersburg Va

ing of BBQ anywhere around !

Charles Hester 6 days ago


Scoots BBQ got my vote!

Matt 6 days ago

McCoy's BBQ

Vote McCoy's!!!! Best in the business

Rika 6 days ago


My family and I drive from Maryland at least once a month to eat McCoys

We Love McCoys

Brenda 6 days ago

Kings BBQ

My favorite BBQ since the 70’s. I Now live in Florida and its still my favorite BBQ. When I’m back in VA. It’s a requirement that I stop in for lunch

Gary Romig 6 days ago

McCoy's BBQ

McCoys is the best BBQ I've ever had The Best! Hands Down. Im a truck driver and eat BBQ all the time across state lines. And i tried McCoys food truck in Stafford and they have topped all the bbq ive ever eaten. Im actually excited about my upcoming route down 95 just to stop by their spot.

See you guys soon:)

Edward Garrett 6 days ago


Excellent BBQ and awesome customer service!

Yvonne 6 days ago

Kings BBQ

The best in Virginia

Carla Mabon Manieri 6 days ago

Kings BBQ

I’ve been going their since I was a small child. I’m 29 now and stationed down in Virginia Beach but Kings BBQ is still the best.

Brian 6 days ago

Scoots bbq

Best beef brisket, best bbq, even the best fried chicken in town!!! Great service and the owners are awesome community members!°

Carlos Morales 6 days ago


I’ve been eating there since I was a small boy. Best BBQ hands down I like the vinegar taste. NO SUGAR like the rest of the BBQ places do.

Brian 6 days ago

King's Barbeque

King's should win this hands-down. We always did take out for family parties and everyone loved it. It became a Hawks family tradition. I can't wait to get back to Petersburg and continue the tradition.

Virginia Hawks 6 days ago


Best barbeque, best sides and best service!

Shirley Tinker 6 days ago

Kings BBQ

If you want that ol' time BBQ aroma just walk into Kings BBQ. It'll take you there. You hear the meat cleaver chopping away, you smell the BBQ. The "history" is there. The toasted buns are the added touch to perfection along with their own specialty sauce. The sides are amazing including onion rings that I'd wager cant be beat anywhere.

Marian 6 days ago

Kings for life!!

I have been going to King's a of my life! I started going to their Washington St. location as an infant and still go there as a 64 year old. There may be only one location left, but my family and I love that we still have a choice for the best of the best, KING'S!

William Godwin 6 days ago


Where the bbq is the BEST!

Lori Hogge 6 days ago


Best BBQ north of GA. The amazing service rounds it out for a down-to-earth experience that leaves you feeling like you just left dinner at the parents house.

Summer Mosher 6 days ago


Best barbque ever

Linda craig 6 days ago

Triple Crown BBQ

Not only the best food; the best service, presentation, and outdoor mountain landscape. It doesn’t get any better than this. Underdog for the win!

Amanda 6 days ago

King's BBQ

Excellent food! Best BBQ around!

Angela Peade 6 days ago


Best BBQ around Virginia

Kay Bryant 6 days ago

King’s Barbecue


Harey 6 days ago


won,t let me

Pamela Barnette 6 days ago

King’s Bar B Que

King’s is the best in the whole world.

Valerie Beckner 7 days ago

King's Barbeque

It's the best Q ever! If you haven't it, put King's on your bucket list. While you are there, get an order of their onion rings. They're pretty great, too! Would you look at that? I used all three there, their and they're in the right context!

Jay 7 days ago

Always King's!!

Raised on King's. The BEST!!

Donna 7 days ago

Memphis, Kansas City, Texas and the best is right here in Petersburg VA

King's BBQ is the BEST! Been to Memphis, Kansas City, Texas and the best is right here in Petersburg VA...good ole boy from Petersburg. We've been eating King's bbq all our lives. Love it!!

Jenny 7 days ago

Best ever!

I live in Kansas now, but still, love Kings Barbeque. It really is the best ever.

Virginia Hawks 7 days ago

Kings Barbecue

I have been traveling all over the country eating Barbecue. The place place that I keep going back to as my #1 is Kings. They have been in business for 70 years and keep on smoking. For all you Barbecue connoisseurs wanting to try a barbecue that brings you back. Go to Kings....

Keith 7 days ago

Best BBQ around

By far the best BBQ you will taste, excellently seasoned, and you can definitely tell the cooks take their time and put lots of love in the food. They’re also some of the most genuine people you will meet, every time I stop they definitely make me feel at home and service is great

Damareon 7 days ago

McCoy’s BBQ

Damareon Monroe 7 days ago

Best bbq is ZZQ

You describe ZZQ in RVA. By far the best one around. The service is wonderful, the BBQ is delicious and you can't beat that dog friendly backyard. It's like coming home to family every time I go.

Sarah 6 days ago


We travel 1 hour to eat at our favorite bar-b-que eatery. So moist and good! Can't wait for opening in Williamsburg Va.!

Carla 7 days ago

Excluded Texas Jacks in Arlington

Excluding Texas Jacks in Arlington nutters the Northern Virginia competition. Having tried all of the Northern BBQ places only Sloppy Mama's comes close. While I respect Tim's reviews, I do not always agree with his conclusions. I encourage all readers of this survey to try Texas Jacks for yourself and draw your own conclusion.

Allan Betts 7 days ago


QDaddys is awesome!

Terri Marshall 7 days ago


Presentation it out of this world 🌎 second to none

Donald Cross 7 days ago

Made for Kings, by a King’s

King’s - love all the options off bbq & cuts. Inside, outside, sliced or minced. Even the side dishes are great. The staff, treat you like family. All around great food, place & business!

Brian Carpenter 7 days ago


Definitely the best 💯

Kimberley Findleson 7 days ago


Best BBQ and mac n cheese

Gay Reagan 7 days ago


Delicious food and true smoked flavored meats!

Debbie Richardson 8 days ago


King’s Barbecue in Petersburg, VA, is the best barbecue in all the land! I began eating there as a child. I’ve tried barbecue at various locations in the South, and I now live in South Carolina, where barbecue restaurants abound and compete with each other. However, none measure up to King’s Barbecue. The barbecue is delicious without even needing sauce, but their signature sauce is also delicious. Then top it all off with their yummy apple pie a la mode!

Marsha Ogburn 8 days ago

Triple Crown Winner

Just had smoked chicken and slaw at Triple Crown BBQ in Luray, Va - meat fell off the bones and sauce was smoky and tangy - a clear winner!!

Kim 8 days ago

Best smoked chicken

BEST smoked chicken I’ve ever had—from none other than Triple Crown!

Amanda 6 days ago


Anyone going near Petersburg is always asked to bring us some King’s!

Susie Lee 8 days ago

King's BBQ

Hands down the best! I grew up eating their baba and worked there through high school! Moved to North Carolina in the late 80's and found out they are not only the Best in Virginia but beats the Carolina style slop they try to pass as bbq.

Lisa Kyles 8 days ago


Hands down the best BBQ around. They catered my daughter's wedding and everything was perfect.

Sharon Parrish 8 days ago

Texas + 🍊 = ♥️

Best BBQ in Virginia!
(of course it’s Texas-style)

Ingrid 8 days ago

King's BB Q

Have enjoyed reading all the raving reviews on King's great BBQ and agree. "Carry me Back to Old Virginia" & Petersburg's King's on Crater Rd. Now 87years old living in Texas. Always went to King's when I visited the area. Make my own sauce now and my son smokes the pork see, back in the '40s my Dad had the original basic sauce recipe written on a napkin from Georgia. Back in the day that basic recipe was shared at Pulley's, Alfred's and King's all modified to their liking with a blend of catsup, mustard & vinegar - lotsa black pepper. KING'S OUTLIVED 'EM ALL! (wish I knew how to make King's apple pie)

Eenie Pulley-Sullivan 8 days ago

King’s Barbecue

I grew up about 2 miles from the original King’s BBQ in Dineiddie and recall the fabulous aroma of pit cooked BBQ and the delicious BBQ sandwichs. They were the best 70 years ago, and they’re the best now. Definitely a winner


King’s BBQ

We now live in Nags Head, but still enjoy King’s whenever we ca. I always have King’s BBQ sauce in my kitchen.

Doris 8 days ago

Kings BBQ

Kings BBQ is simply the best. I’ve been going there since 1954. I’ve been all over the world and can’t find better “Q”. Recently took some out of state to people from Georgia,Memphis, Nashville and Phoenix and they all raved about Kings. I had to mail sauce across America. It’s just something about the meat, sauce and coleslaw together that’s makes it great. Plus they have the best onion rings ever. Anyone who reads this and is anywhere near Petersburg, Va. should stop in and try Kings.

Bob Holloway 8 days ago

King's Barbecue

Best barbecue, cole slaw and fries. Ate they every week growing up and continued getting carry out for family.

Valerie 8 days ago

Kings Barbecue

I have been eating there all my life. All of my Family have eaten there and still do regularly. Great food! Best thing is they haven’t changed a thing!
Charles Lundie 51

Charles Lundie 8 days ago

Kings Barbecue

I have traveled up and down the east coast and Kings is by far the best. I grew up on it and haven’t found any better. I tell all the other places that Kings has them beat.

Cynthia 8 days ago


Kings is #1 in Virginia. Been going there for 50 years! It was my Granny’s and my Daddy’s favorite now mine and my children.

Jackie Gibbs 8 days ago

Triple Crown BBQ

This BBQ is delish!! You have your choice of several different sauces for the pulled pork sandwiches, there are half chickens, ribs cooked to perfection...John and Joanne make it a family affair. Go check them out and dine to some fine musical choices as well.

Deanne 8 days ago

Kings Barbeque

Kings is the best barbeque in Virginia!! My husband and I have tried them all!! Please visit them in Petersburg. They are the best!!!

Judy Kidd 9 days ago

Triple Crown BBQ in Luray

Triple Crown BBQ is GREAT - and if you haven't been there - go! This Weekend! Now! While in the neighborhood, you can visit the World Famous Luray Caverns and also Cooters (Ben Jones Museum to "Dukes of Hazard"). But go to Triple Crown! You will be Pleased.

David Riedel 9 days ago

Q Daddy's Pitmasters


Terry O'Boyle 9 days ago

Scoot’s BBQ in Gloucester, VA is the best! I’ve traveled out west and down south... Scoot’s is the best by far!

Scoot’s BBQ in Gloucester, VA is the best! I’ve traveled out west and down south... Scoot’s is the best by far!

Kelly 9 days ago

Kings all the way!

I grew up eating here...nearly every Saturday! I can remember cliff chopping the meat behind the counter! Richmonders...make the drive to Petersburg to see for yourselves!

Tracey in Montpelier 10 days ago


Best BBQ I’ve had. I’ve traveled the entire country sampling the best. Texas is pretty good, as is North Carolina...but Scoot’s is without a doubt a next level experience. I bring all my out of towers there and they all want to come back.

Mark Fingar 10 days ago

McCoy’s BBQ

McCoy’s BBQ is awesome. We eat there as often as we can. I’m a native Texan and their BBQ is very close to the flavors of Texas.

Ruth C 10 days ago

Scoots bbq


Lynn 10 days ago

Scoots BBQ Glouce, VA

Love all their BBQ items. The best brisket East of Texas!

Ginger Rowe 10 days ago

Scoots is the Best!

Food is awesome! Great food and great service.

Jackie Outten 10 days ago

King's BBQ in Petersburg

is the best BBQ, anywhere. Their BBQ is missed by anyone who leaves the area and has to eat something else. I know many who have moved, ask family to purchase and mail bottles of the sauce to them, just so they can get at least some approximation of the best BBQ anywhere. Anyone who has tasted it, knows this is true. Some things just "are".

Ann Perkins 10 days ago

King’s BBQ is Tops!

Kings BBQ located in historic Petersburg, Virginia is the epitome of the finest authentically smoked pork, chicken and beef BBQ in Virginia. Cooked long hours over a hardwood fire, their chicken is the original ‘Rotisserie’ style chicken, cooked and smoked over an open fire. The aroma upon entering the restaurant, makes one want to try all of their mouth-watering and tasty BBQ meats.
This restaurant has been a long standing tradition and institution in this area. People travel from far and wide to enjoy the delicious BBQ along with a great selection of home made sauces. King’s BBQ is a long standing tradition for generations of my family for sure!

Claudette 10 days ago


Is the best!

Virginia Fluet 10 days ago

McCoy is the bbq Guru

The McCoys are the best thing since sliced bread

John Zelsky 11 days ago

King's BBQ

KIng's BBQ is the BEST!!!

Katherine 11 days ago


KING'S BBQ ... I am 68 years old. The first BBQ that I ever had was KING'S. My parents knew the Best when they are it and until they passed away are at KING'S BBQ in Petersburg, VA. There is none better and never will be any better. I live 2 1/2 hours away now and never miss a chance to eat it when I get back home. This Championship belongs to KING'S BBQ... I can smell it now and yes, taste it in my mind. Along with biscuits, coke slaw and hot apple pie! YUMMY!

Ginger Rafferty 11 days ago

Best BBQ: Kings

I learned to eat and love bbq from the mid-60s at Kings in Petersburg. I remember the smell of smoke. The hams cooking on the wood fire. The men working at the counter dicing and slicing. It became the standard by which I judge all bbq now. I now live in Orange but will travel all the way to Petersburg for lunch at Kings. The decor is defiantly mid-60s and the food the same as it was oh so many years ago. It is simply the best bbq bar none.

Gary Close 11 days ago

Kings BBQ

I've just about traveled the world. Eaten in some of the best places.dream of Kings on the way back.BBQ, pork or beef, can't be beat. See you there tonight.Xpnk

Richard Taylor 7 days ago


Q-Daddy’s is the best!!! They get my vote!!

Rebecca Allen 11 days ago

Voting for Kings BBQ

Kings BBQ, the best one in Central Virginia!

Limaries C Phillips 11 days ago


Lived in Fredericksburg/Spotsy for 10 years and McCoy's became our favorite BBQ spot hands-down. Best smoked ribs, pulled pork, brisket, beans! Best of blessings to Ed and his wife.

Sue & Jason 11 days ago

QDaddy's is great!

Voting for QDaddy's - the BEST!

Virginia E Streeter 11 days ago


I love QDaddy’s! Deep fried brisket sandwhich is THE BOMB and everyone is family!

Jessica 11 days ago

The. Best. BBQ. ANYWHERE!!!

I grew up in South Hill, VA and we always ate at King's in Petersburg (the location that closed, sadly), but the King's that is still open tastes exactly the same!! My husband is from NC, where we live now, and he claimed Lexington BBQ, and just NC bbq in general, was the best. I tried Lexington bbq and some others...nope. It didn't even come close. I told my husband that King's is the best BBQ ever and so of course I had to prove it. We drove 2 hours to Petersburg where I had him order the pulled and chopped bbq, the onion rings (oh my goodness), the tiny biscuits, baked beans and of course, the apple pie. He did not want to admit it, but there was no denying it by his reaction. King's is the best and I tell everyone wherever we are that NC bbq is good but I've yet to find any that beats King's. When you have a restaurant that has been consistently this good for this long, they absolutely deserve to be the winners!! King's is THE.BEST.BBQ.ANYWHERE!!!

Bethany Lambeth 11 days ago


I make the trip from Detroit. Have travelled all over the country including, Texas and KC. Nothing beats King’s!

Greg 11 days ago

Universal Truth of Kings BBQ

Love these testimonials about King's BBQ. Some things just can't be denied. : ) If you are bringing home carry out to someone you love (or care for to any degree at all) you must get a bottle of their sauce (to enjoy at that meal and to make sure you always have on hand), as well their onion rings and biscuits.

Ann Perkins 10 days ago

Best bbq ever

QDaddys should win

Joyce 11 days ago

Best Barbeque in NOVA

Soppy Mama's Barbeque is the best in NOVA. Meat is moist and juicy. They has got it right. Excellent barbeque.

Richard Blaine 11 days ago

McCoy’s #1

👍🏾💪🏾💯💯💯. Best BBQ period. If you get a chance try all the food. My personal favorite is the Mac, fries, baked beans, brisket, rims, smoke burgers (#1) and mashed potatoes. Home made banana pudding! Oh yea!!!!!!

🐜 Murray 12 days ago


They are amazing!!!! Love the different sauces, the hospitality.....the BBQ!!!

Suzanne E Sullivan 12 days ago


Excellent bbq...great variety of sauces

Patricia Johnson 12 days ago

Excellent Hospitality

The service is always down to earth and friendly in the most quaint environment! While the BBQ is has juicy and flavored to perfection, I also enjoy the Grilled and sometimes blackened salmon over a fresh salad of mixed greens!

Kristy 12 days ago

Excellent Hospitality

The service is always down to earth and friendly in the most quaint environment! While the BBQ is has juicy and flavored to perfection, I also enjoy the Grilled and sometimes blackened salmon over a fresh salad of mixed greens!

Kristy 12 days ago

Vote McCoys

I Absolutely love everything there

Jillian Leslie McArnold 12 days ago


I've been eating barbecue for over 50 years, the first I ever had was King's. I hope the last I have will be King's.

W.D. Bryant 12 days ago

King’s BBQ

King’s is THE BEST, hands down!!!❤️

Donna Deekens 11 days ago


Not only is the food great but the service and the owners are even better. Love Gary and Karen. They’re a staple to our small community.

Brandi Jones 12 days ago


Wow! Congrats!! I hope you make it all the way!! I am sure if everyone tasted your food and knew what wonderful people you are, that you would win hands down!! You are already winners in my book!! Muah!!

Julie Ann Hedrick 12 days ago

Scoots 👍


Susan Cherrie 12 days ago


Moist smoked meat and delicious sides! Friendly service!

Debbie Richardson 12 days ago


#1 no question 👌🏽

RaMona Truslow 12 days ago

Mr&Mrs McCoy

I love their barbecue 😍

Shante White 12 days ago

King's Barbecue

Can you just forego the formalities and hand the trophy to King's Barbecue in Petersburg right now...??? Their's is by far the best bbq in The Commonwealth... I've dined in Richmond, Roanoke, Blacksburg, Norfolk, Virginia Beach, Smithfield, Charlottesville, Fredericksburg, Arlington, Emporia, Martinsville, Danville, Lynchburg, Williamsburg, South Hill, Hampton, Suffolk, etc., but nobody's--I mean, nobody's--bbq comes close to King's...!!! My most memorable childhood Christmas was from 1969 when I helped mom put up the tree while eating bbq sandwiches dad had brought home from King's... Forty later, my sons and I would have to visit King's whenever we were in Petersburg... So, for all those who haven't had the pleasure, if you're ever traveling on I-95 or I-85 and pass through Petersburg make a detour to King's on South Crater Road... You won't be disappointed...!!!

Derek L. Williams 12 days ago


Well, you didn't mention Gloucester and Scoots is by far the best I have ever had!! Come on over and try them out, you won't be disappointed!!!

Julie Ann Hedrick 12 days ago

King’s Barbecue

I totally agree that King’s Barbecue has the best barbecue in the Commonwealth of Virginia. I have been enjoying King’s Barbecue since I worked at Ft Lee, VA from ‘69 - ‘78 and now whenever I am in the Ft Lee area.

Linda Loveless 12 days ago

King's Barbecue

I agree completely!!!!!

Bethany 11 days ago


Best bbq and beef brisket I’ve had.. better than anyone else in VA!

Donna Cox 13 days ago



Joyce 11 days ago

Kings Bbq

I drive 3 plus hours every 30 - 75 days to eat at Kings and pick up sauce to take home and to my daughter in Illinois. This place is the best in food and service.

Dee Brothers 13 days ago

Checkered Pig

Delicious food, wonderful staff, excellent catering also!!

Teresa Wagner 13 days ago


Love their barbecue. Best in the area!

Jackie Outten 13 days ago


Scoots is all around the best I have eaten. The food and the personnel are the best!! .

Richard Allen Hogge 13 days ago

Kings Barbecue

Out of all the barbecue that I've had Kings Barbecue in Petersburg is the best of what we've known as true Virginia barbecue and especially across Southside Virginia. The recipe for the barbecue and their sauce along with their cole slaw have kept folks coming back for generations. Their Pork barbecue is served sliced or minced on a plate or bun and their beef barbecue is of true certified Angus Beef and not brisket and has exceptional flavor and don't forget to add an order of onion rings as an appetizer.

Jonathan F. Judkins 13 days ago

I agree 100%

I agree 100%

Susan Campbell 13 days ago

First stop each time we return to Virginia.

Nothing calls me quicker than to hear the sound of chaping that greets you when you come in the door. Minced pork, cole slaw and wonderful chicken, barbecued or fried ared wonderful. Only thing missing are the older women who waited tables when I was young. What a tradition.

Del Williams 12 days ago


Served Scoots BBQ at my wedding. EVERYONE raved!

Liz Wells 13 days ago


When you taste Scoot’s BBQ you will be extremely happy that you live nearby so you can come again. On the other hand if you are just passing through hungry and stop by you just might leave with mixed feelings!! Happy for such a great meal and atmosphere but sad because you have to wait til the next time you are passing through Gloucester Point!! Thank you Scoot’s for filling my belly!! 🥰😋

Sammy Larrimore 13 days ago