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Best BBQ

By far it has to be Q Daddy’s

Judy Bujno 130 days ago

The contest

I have eaten at both places love both Great job by both Restaurants!!!!!!!!

james regal 246 days ago

Scoot's BBQ

I have eaten at Scoots several times. Unless things have changed since last time (About 1 year ago) their BBQ is not that good to win over what they were up against. Just like every BBQ place, they change up their product for the judges. Try there everyday product and you will be disappointed.

Marc Vecchio 257 days ago

Scoot's Rules!

I'm so glad to see the attention to detail and the downright masterful execution of BBQ has been properly recognized! Let's not forget how awesome their staff is! Excellent job folks! Keep up the great work.

Mark Fingar 269 days ago


Pardon me guys, Scoots, not Scotts.

Richard Hooper 269 days ago


The thing about King's is that they already have a crown, just as all Kings do. Nothing else to prove when your the master of all the BBQ you survey. In the spirit of good 'que I congratulate Scotts. We all win when there's good bbq!

Richard Hooper 269 days ago


Scoots is a wonderful place to eat. Great food and staff.

Kathy Thomas 269 days ago


By far the best BBQ around! Worth the drive to check them out!

Bonnie 270 days ago


Great food and great service!!!!

Sheila 270 days ago


Skates has the most delicious, tender, juicy BBQ around. It literally melts in your mouth. The best barbecue I've ever had.

Kathy Sanders 271 days ago


i love scoots they are so good is the place to go for good bbq

deanna merriweather 271 days ago

I've had both Scoots and Kings...

Scoot's is much, much better on all levels.

Mark Fingar 271 days ago

Kings is AWESOME!

Can't stop eating sliced pork 1/2 & 1/2. Crunchy outside provides just the right kick to keep me coming back for more. Top it off with a slice of Matt's homemade apple pie and vanilla ice cream.

Richard Taylor 272 days ago

King's is King

I don't know about votes, but King's received the most comments, and they were all outstanding. You remain King for me, King's.

Kay Rowlett Rowe 268 days ago

Everything is better at King's!

Oysters, desserts, potato cakes, shrimp....just as great as their BBQ!! Great service too!

Rebecca Gillette 272 days ago

King's BBQ-the best ever!

During PGHS reunions, classmates come from all over the world to gather and reminisce but ultimately to go back to King's BBQ for their favorites. It never disappoints!

Cathy Hill 272 days ago


Like many others I grew up on Kings. Eveytime we drove anywhere close, especially on our way to RVA from Franklin, we stopped. Now 65 yrs later after marrying a King and living 30 minutes away, still my #1 choice. Consistently excellent

K. King 272 days ago

Kings IS King in the BBQ world

King’s BBQ is so deserving as the BEST BBQ in VA!

Katherine Queen 272 days ago

Scoots and Kings

I grew up on Kings and now live in Gloucester and Scoots is my go to for Barbecue. Both are really good and both crews do a fantastic job with their barbecue. Whoever is first or second both are great and deserve their award!

Tom Hay 272 days ago


Best bbq ever!! Been eating there since the first day they open. Good food and service.

Paul Willis jr. 273 days ago

Kings BBQ!

Love Kings BBQ, been eating there since I was a kid, and my parents before me. Generations of Kings patrons says it all. Good ‘old fashioned ‘que that doesn’t need sauce to make it good. Pit smoked heaven on a bun!

Rob T. 273 days ago

Kings BBQ

Kings. has the best BBQ around .. Love kings. 3 generations of BBQ you cant go wrong

David Martin 273 days ago

Scoots- Worth the drive

I'm from NC and grew up with some of the best bbq around. I know good bbq and scoots is the best. Great meat, cooked just right and amazing sauces. Do yourself a favor and get in the car and head to Scoots. It will be worth the drive.

Jan H. 273 days ago


We and our guests from Tenn. dined there this evening and had a wonderful visit with Gary Ward. The food was excellent and I highly recommend it.

Mary Swihart 273 days ago

Kings BBQ 3 Generations Choice

My family has been eating at Kings BBQ for 3 generations. When planning any family gathering we always choose Kings. I have eaten BBQ FROM Virginia to Florida and Kings has always been the best!

Margaret Dillard 273 days ago

Scoots bbq

Good food,nice people, friendly environment and great prices .

Joni 273 days ago


Lucky we live right beside it or we would be making the drive. Our entire family loves scoots! Never have been disappointed!!! Even my 3 year old requests Scoots!!!!

Hannah 273 days ago

King ‘s BBQ the best

Kings sets the standard for all BBQ!

Katherine Queen 273 days ago

King's BBQ the Absolute Best

Kings is the best, best, Best barbecue that I have ever had. I have had a lot of different barbecue but Kings is the best. I am 78 yrs old and I celebrate my Birthday at King's

every year, and all of my family love it. I have been eating at King's since I was seventeen yrs. old, and it taste the same now as it did then.

Virginia Perry Jones 273 days ago


The barbeque is fantastic and the staff are terrific. Scoots is the best!

Jackie Outten 273 days ago

Scoot’s BBQ

From the moment you walk through the door, you are welcomed! Down to earth, friendly & clean environment! The BBQ has unique flavors that satisfy the soul! If you don’t eat meat, no worries, the salmon is amazing as well!

Kristy 273 days ago

Scoots bbq

Scoots bbq is the best

Michelle Marsh 273 days ago


Scoots is definitely my favorite

Mark LaMal 273 days ago


Having trouble accessing the vote screen on my Kindle ...kept getting a survey screen.

Helen Mason 274 days ago

Love, love!

Best barbaque ever!

Mary Lawrence 273 days ago

Kings Petersburg Va

We go there every Friday night for my Kings fix. Grew up in Petersburg now live in Chesterfield but go there on Friday nights still ❤️

Brenda Whorley 274 days ago

Kings BBQ

Kings BBQ----hands down the best. Always.

Helen B Richardson 274 days ago


King's hand's down is the best barbeque in Virginia!

Teresa Gupton 274 days ago


Best barbecue ever!

Jackie Outten 274 days ago

King’s BBQ

I’m a senior citizen who has loved their BBQ and full menu for over 60 years. It’s a quaint little place with that famous fireplace in the take-out area where the BBQ is slow cooked. Talk about aroma! So glad they sell their delicious sauce too!

Mary Beth King (no relation) 274 days ago

BBQ Competition

King's family has passed down the tradition and recipes for the best BBQ ever. My two brothers, one out of state and one out of country always swing by King's when they are 'in country'. We grew up on it, beef or pork.
A real senior citizen (80). Bob Leigh Grossmann

Bob Leigh Grossmann, D.D.S. 274 days ago


One and only King's! None better!

Jay 274 days ago

Scoots - Hands Down!

I live in Williamsburg but am frequently in Gloucester. Truthfully, I drive over the bridge (and pay the toll) sometimes just to get there fried chicken. From BBQ, to seafood, to fried chicken - it’s all good. And they make the best cornbread and sides. A family owned business that gives back to the community. Keep up the good work Scoots.

Judith 275 days ago


I love going into the takeout area and watching them smoke, chop and prepare orders. Absolutely love their BBQ and sides!

Teresa Bales 275 days ago

Love Kings BBQ

Kings is the best in town, the bbq, cole slaw and homemade apple pie make it the place to go . The staff treats you like family.

lynne Brittain 275 days ago

Kings is a Family Tradition

I grew up on King's BBQ on Cox Road.

Dennis Owen 275 days ago


The very best barbeque!!!

Judy Kidd 275 days ago


There is NO other than Kings, we travel from S.C. to get Kings. It’s worth every mile. We were brought up on Kings and there is no better. I have even met strangers who were talking about Kings. Just had some the other week. I keep it the freezer, but only eat it if I have a replacement. I don’t ever want to be without. Not to mention the sauce! The BEST. BEST BBQ! BEST SAUCE!

Whitney Dye 275 days ago

King’s is the best!

My family, especially my dad really loves King’s Barbecue. They never disappoint, and I’ve been going every chance we drop by Petersburg.

Stefanie 275 days ago


I have been a fan of Kings since 1964, and even though I live in Florida now I stop at Kings every time I travel north

Ray Muller 276 days ago


King's hands down! Clinton King was my Dad's best friend and fishing partner. I have great memories of BBQ sandwiches on fishing trips

Howard Skelton 276 days ago


KINGS IS THE BEST! When it comes to BBQ here in VA and maybe across the country KINGS is at the top of the list. There is no one to compare them to when they are the best around.

Marian Aldrich 276 days ago


Been to both multiple times. King’s blows Scoot’s out of the water. Scoot’s should not even have made it close to this far.

Joe 276 days ago


I have had bbq all over the country but Kings is home for me has been for 63 years mr John king started something many years ago that is still loved today thanks to Kings for being there

Raymond 276 days ago

King's BBQ for a life time

I have eaten a lot of BBQ across multiple states in my nearly 60 year life time. Nothing, and I mean nothing, has come close to the King's BBQ that I grew up with in Tri-Cities Virginia.

Mark A. Milazzo 276 days ago

Out of Town

I was raised in Petersburg & moved to Newport News in 1986. I come back to Petersburg from time to time and I always like to meet up with friends over a great BBQ meal! Thanks Kings for the great food & Hospitality! Kudos to Apple Pie too!❤️

Norene Lovdahl 276 days ago

Kings BBQ

Kings is the tastiest and best consistent flavored Barbeque going. I always take friends there from other states and countries. They are amazed at the quality and distinct tenderness of the meal.

Dennis Murphy 276 days ago


My son and daughter in law visit from Madrid Spain every year and one of their first stops is SCOOTS. No one in MADRID has BBQ even close to SCOOTS.

John Slavnik 276 days ago

Move over Kings

Had both Kings & Scoots and I must say they are both amazing, but SCOOTS is the new King of BBQ in VA!

Dave Ferree 276 days ago


I know Scoots has good Barbecue. However, if you have been selling Barbecue for 70 years and you have testimony after testimony for how good Kings Barbecue is.....then you have to be the best.....hands down!

Keith 277 days ago

Scoot’s for the Win!

Best BBQ ever! They deserve to be #1!

Sharon Roy 277 days ago

Best BBQ & Brisket

Awesome brisket, definitely the best.

mindy deyarmin 277 days ago


King’s is by far the best BBQ in Virginia!

Dana Vlkojan 277 days ago


SCOOTS BBQ ALL THE WAY! Great BBQ and great people!!

Sandy Hauser 277 days ago

Kings BBQ

The best BBQ EVER! Kings is the KING of BBQ!!

Katherine Queen 277 days ago


Born and raised in Petersburg and grew up with King’s! We had it every week. My Dad would make biscuits (the best in the world) and fries and we would order sliced pork, beans and slaw. My Mom looks CRES the crunchy pieces. No other BBQ has come close. I live on the OBX and whenever my parents came down, which was often, they brought King’s❤️

Tracey 277 days ago

you are 100% right

I was born and raised in Petersburg and wish I had the money now we spent on the best Virginia Bar B Q I would be richer than rich. It was and is worth every penny. I live in North Carolina now but hit Kings every time we come up there (home) to visits.

Brenda Rowlett Wright 277 days ago

King's BBQ

I have eaten BBQ all over the Commonwealth, and indeed over most of the country, and I've never had any that could touch King's. It's hickory-smoked pork and beef are hands down the best anywhere. I once took clients from California there for dinner, and they were blown away by their meal. They later flew back to Richmond just so they could go back to King's. That's how good King's BBQ is.

Rick Burton 277 days ago


Your testimony is right on.....and nothing but the TRUTH......

Keith 277 days ago



Anna 277 days ago


Scoots all the way! Worth the drive!

Karen Torres 277 days ago


Best ever BBQ, pork, Beef, chicken.

Linda 277 days ago

Kings BBQ

I would like to let everyone who has not tried Kings BBQ needs to it's the best Lived everywhere in US and tried them all. Kings is the best from 78 years I have been around

Gladys Nunnally 277 days ago

Scoots for sure !

Scoots has not just the best tasting Barbeque , I have to say that there sides are out of this world.This to me is what makes the whole meal..

Ellen Quirk 277 days ago

Jus scoot on over

King’s is good but Scoots has the best flavor hands down. We drive the distance to Scoots

Mike 277 days ago

Let’s go SCOOTS

Best EVER!

Tim Hamilton 277 days ago

King’s Forever!

I grew up enjoying King’s BBQ every Sunday, after church with my family. Although I have lived in Massachusetts now for 40 years, I appreciate the opportunity to vote for the best bbq restaurant in the world!

Kay 278 days ago

"Kings is KING!"

Simply the BEST BBQ EVER!

Mark Murphy 278 days ago


Great BBQ and friendly service.

W Van Johnston 278 days ago


Fabulous BBQ, great staff. Wish I lived a little closer, but always worth the drive.

Therese Creel 278 days ago

Scoots is tops

Scoots all the way!

Jeannine Camacho 278 days ago

Scoots for the win

Scoots is always the best. I’ve been to both and King’s is the dollar store brand of Scoots!! Let’s bring home the trophy! Plus super amazing staff. Never fails to be kind and helpful.

Tim 278 days ago


love Scoot's BBQ!

Trudy Brinkley 278 days ago

Scoot's All the way!


After eating at both, Scoot's is far better.

Rhonda 278 days ago



T STEVE JONES 278 days ago


Kings BBQ is an icon, the best bbq around, enjoyed by young and old! No better place to eat and their food is delicious!

Mildred Spence 278 days ago

The Best BBQ

Kings is King

Mike Uzel 278 days ago

Scoot’s hands down!!

Truly no contest! Scoot’s is the best!!!

John Coleman 278 days ago

Scoot's is epic!

I've lived almost sixty years in Va. and eaten a lot of Bar-B-Q. Since eating at Scoot's nothing compares. From the food to the service, superb!

Toby Calloway 278 days ago


There is one true BBQ in Virginia...That being is KING'S. Often imitated, but never duplicated. You can not beat the best.

Bruce Gordon 278 days ago

King’s does it right!

This transplanted Yankee’s first barbecue was King’s and 40 years later, it’s still my favorite! It’s a Virginia tradition!

Nancy 278 days ago


I've been enjoying King's Bbq every since I was a kid sitting in the booster chair. The down home delicious food, friendly service, and fond memories keep me coming back. The aroma sets your mouth watering as soon as you open the door. And if you have room when you finish your plate, squeeze in some warm home made apple pie with a scoop of ice cream on top. Hats off to the other place, but King's is where you find the best bbq. Good luck to all.

Tom Lee 278 days ago

King's BBQ is the ONLY BBQ

I've been a fan of King's BBQ for 40 years, having been introduced by a college friend on a visit to Petersburg. Now in Florida, King's is a required stop when I am heading north and returning south. Always worth the trip.

Jacquie 278 days ago

Scoots BBQ

Scoots for the win!

Wendy 278 days ago

Absolutely LOVE Scoots

Best BBQ I have ever had.

Carol Raynor 278 days ago

Scoots BBQ

Scoots is by far the BEST BBQ I’ve ever eaten!!! They catered my wedding reception. ❤️ 🐷

Melissa 278 days ago

Kings Old School

My Grandparents used to stop there when I was a kid. We always traveled right by there on our way to Richmond from Roanoke Rapids, NC, to visit relatives in Henrico. We would never miss stopping there on all our trips. It might have helped also that my Grandfather's last name was King!!! However, the BBQ was great then and its great now. My Grandfather was a very smart man and he knew where to find the best BBQ.

Charles Smith 278 days ago


Scoots barbecue is hands down the BEST!!

Becky Fleming 278 days ago

Kings all the way!

I love Kings, grew up on Kings. I will try Scoots this weekend but it will only be different, can't be better

Linda 278 days ago

Kings for the WIN

Grew up on King's BBQ and it is still my favorite. We always pick some up when visiting family in VA, and just had 3 bottles of sauce shipped to out home in Southwest FL! Go Kings!!!

Trish Kirby 278 days ago


Kings has the best. Moist and juicy. Visit there just once and you see what I mean.

Edward Bish Jr 278 days ago

Kings #1 BBQ

You need to go to experience the best barbecue in Virginia

Tracy Wright 278 days ago



Chrissy 278 days ago


Just saying, entitled to my opinion!! They are still #1 🏅🏅

Chrissy 278 days ago


Kings is definitely the best barbeque I have ever had. I have tried barbeque in many other places and states but I think Kings is the very best!! My husband also loves their onion rings and their apple pie is fantastic!!

Judy Kidd 278 days ago

Scoot’s is Incredible

Great BBQ, unique sides, and fantastic customer service!

Yvonne Scales 278 days ago


KINGS is KING of BBQ.The best of the best BBQ, the added touch of toasted buns, the sound of the meat being chopped and just the all around atmosphere. The absolute best onion rings. the other sides such as turnip greens, macaroni salad, coleslaw, and others show the authentic southern style. The wait staff is excellent and so are the conservative prices. Also if you are lucky enough to be there in the fruit season they put a twist on the strawberry shortcake you would never have thought of.

Marian Aldrich 278 days ago

King's BBQ

The best BBQ in Virginia by far. When you walk in the aroma of deliciousness is in the air.

Erma Jones 278 days ago


Scoots best food and best owners

Ellen Sutton 278 days ago


There is NO better BBQ than Scoot’s!!! The brisket is Aahhhmazing!!

Cheryl Denton 278 days ago

The Bacon

King's is bringin' it home!

Richard Hooper 278 days ago


It is great to have a truly great bbq place here in Gloucester County. Thank you, Gary

Pat Johnson 278 days ago

How to Vote?

I cannot figure out how to vote. Can someone help me? I want to make sure King's wins this. They deserve it.

Kay Rowlett Rowe 278 days ago


Best bbq ever!

Beverly Brown 278 days ago


Best bbq ever. Especially beef.

Anne Stiles 278 days ago


Simply the best! 64 years eating the best barbeque in Virginia and loving it! I have been all over the country and enjoyed some good barbeque, but King's stands out as the best! Do yourself a favor and try some!

Bill 278 days ago

Scoots is top notch! They have a friendly staff. What makes Scoots stand out from the rest is how much they do to give back to their community. They pave the way for how other local businesses should be

Scoots BBq of Gloucester, Va is top notch! They have a very friendly staff. What makes Scoots stand out from the rest is how much they do to give back to their community. They pave the way for how other local businesses should be.

Doug Roundy 278 days ago

Scoots # 1

Scoots is by far the best in terms of food, service and management. It is always a pleasure to dine there.

Mary Swihart 278 days ago

Vote for King's

I am a native Virginian but I live in Colorado. I make a special trip home at least once a year, if not more, and I always stop at King's !! The Best <3

Anne R Heine 278 days ago

King’s BBQ All the way

Growing up in the area, you know of Kings. You ALWAYS had a bottle of their sauce on hand in the fridge. The recipes haven’t changed in years. I’m the kind of person that will just get a spoonful of the sauce and drink it down. Best sauce ever. It’s kind of comforting to hear the sound of the knife against the butcher block mincing up the meat. It’s home.

Jessi a 278 days ago

King's is #1

I may have moved out of state but whenever I come home, I run straight to King's. There is no BBQ better. I also have their sauce shipped to me because I need that taste in my life all the time.

Darla Lindenmayer 278 days ago


Kings IS barbecue

Dan 278 days ago


King's! King's!

Patty Kruszewski 278 days ago


Their BBQ is simply the best. The menu is varied and the staff is friendly. This place is a treasure.

Cameron Harper 278 days ago

Vote for Scoots

We have been there several times. Food was delicious and service was excellent. Great prices too.

Jerry Gustin 278 days ago

Vote for Scoots

We have been there several times. Food was delicious and service was excellent. Great prices too.

Jerry Gustin 278 days ago

King's is King

King's in Petersburg has been my favorite BBQ spot for about the past 45 years. Always consistently good and never disappointing. They get my vote whether or not there is a contest. Or should I say, there is no contest!

Kent 278 days ago


There cannot be another Restaurant where you can get gourmet BBQ, excellent service and a menu that you can’t imagine. The possibilities are endless. Absolutely the best ever.

Linda Johnston 278 days ago

Best BBQ south of the Mason Dixon line

McCoys BBQ best I've had anywhere.

Timothy S Ludwig 279 days ago


First off the BBQ is by far the best I have ever had, but that is just the beginning, the sides are all UNBELIEVABLE!! Dont know what to order, just close your eyes and point at the menu, no matter what you get, its the best. Speaking of The Best, The owners and staff are top notch!

Paul 279 days ago

Best bbq EVER

I love Triple Crown barbecue the pork, chicken and beef are the best I’ve ever eaten!

D. Mcleod 279 days ago

Kings Barbecue

There are many Barbecue Restaurants around, some made it others faded off. Growing up in Virginia you were introduced to Barbecue at a young age Sunday dinners, gatherings for parties or just dinner Hands down Favorite has and still is KINGS Barbecue. Many great memories have been made over a plate of your Barbecue! Thank you Kings 🌿

Nancy 279 days ago


Best ever

Linda Johnston 279 days ago

Love Scoots. Don’t think it let me vit

Wouldn’t take my vote for scoots

LindCraig 279 days ago

Not taking my vote for McCoys either

What’s going on with the website?

Patricia 279 days ago

We love McCoys BBQ

#1 bbq

Patricia 279 days ago


Love that smoked flavor and tender meat! Friendly and attentive staff!

Debbie Richardson 280 days ago

King’s Rules

When you look up barbecue in the dictionary there seems be a picture of “ King’s!”

Daphne 280 days ago

Triple crown bbq

Every Friday I stop here on my lunch break. Sweet tea and a smoked sausage topped with pulled pork and slaw! Hits the spot! Their friendly staff know my usual and always have it ready in a hurry. They never disappoint!

CSC 280 days ago

Triple Crown BBQ

Wow! We happened upon this little stand on our way home to NC from PA after dropping off our daughter at College. Do NOT tell on us but their Pulled Pork Sandwich and slaw were THE best bbq we have ever eaten and the smoked half chicken literally fell off the bone and melted in our mouths. Super friendly folks and their young son who recommended the chicken, potato salad and slaw did NOT steer us wrong. We will be back!

Melissa and Don Otey 280 days ago


I did not like brisket until like ate Scoot’s brisket tacos. And every time I go there that’s what I get.

Janice Lane 280 days ago


The best! Every year I send bottles of their sauce to my family in Chicago and Atlanta!

Patty 280 days ago


Scoots is the best BBQ you will ever have. The staff and owners are friendly and culinary geniuses when it come to BBQ.

Linda Johnston 280 days ago


I judge all other bbq by kings. Been eating it my whole life and hands down the best of anywhere in all my travels around the world!

Daphne 280 days ago


I judge all other bbq by kings. Been eating it my whole life and hands down the best of anywhere in all my travels around the world!

Daphne 280 days ago

Triple Crown BBQ

Triple Crown BBQ is Absolutely the #1 favorite Road Stop of the New Riders of the Purple Sage- Top of the Top - High up in Luray Virginia, when our bus pulls in here the Coleman Family really takes care of business and serves up the best barbecue we’ve ever had ! Like everything they do it’s 110% and they make sure to fill up the bus galley with plenty of leftovers.

Captain Toast 281 days ago



Cynthia J Marshall 281 days ago

Best I've ever had!

Every time I come back to Virginia, I insist we go to Kings! Headed there in October and hope we make it to Kings twice!

Sandy Smith 281 days ago

Triple Crown BBQ

100% absolutely the best. Small but full of talent and hospitality!

Amanda 281 days ago

Kings BBQ

Absolutely THE BEST BBQ EVER, ANYWHERE! is family owned and run KINGS BBQ!

Tina B. 281 days ago

No women or minorities judging?

How is it possible that you were unable to find any women or minority judges? I’ve eaten AMAZING barbecue all my life in many places, and feel confident you could ha diversified this group! I would venture to say your readers are much more diverse than your panel of judges!

Pam Flasch 282 days ago


I've lived up and down the east coast, and nothing beats King's! Their sauce is so good. I can't find any better anywhere. The world should know about King's.

Kelly 282 days ago


My great aunt Shirley worked there for as long as I can remember. My grandma would stop in and say hi and take home some pulled pork and Cole slaw. I miss it SO much. I live in Texas now. Texans don't have a clue about BBQ. My grandma used to mail me King's BBQ sauce by the gallon. Best food EVER!

Kathryn 282 days ago

McCoy’s for best bbq in America!!!

I vote McCoy’s for the best bbq in the USA 🇺🇸

Jim 282 days ago

I agree 100%

100% The Best!

Nick 282 days ago

Scoots is the best!

Scoots is the best!

Barb Kauneckas 282 days ago

Kings is the BEST!!!

Kings BBQ is awesome and has the history to prove it!

Libby Gatewood 282 days ago


Hands down. No doubt about it!

Megan 282 days ago

King's BBQ

Have never had King's BBQ but if they were able to beat out ZZQ, they deserve to win it all.

Patty Kruszewski 282 days ago


I have been eating at King's Bar B-Q most of my 69 years. They are fantastic.

Kay Rowlett Rowe 282 days ago


We have been eating Kings for 40+ years's THE best! We have recently moved to OHIO - and miss it terribly! But you can bet when we return "home" we will ALWAYS get Kings!!!

Norma 282 days ago


Kings Barbecue is, in my opinion, the yardstick by which all other barbecue should be measured! I grew up near the restaurant. As a kid, second to eating the barbecue, was smelling the hickory smoke wafting across Flank Rd. from Kings while playing at Ft. Davis. I live in another part of the state now and no one beats Kings!

Clay Walthall 282 days ago

Kings bbq

I agree!! Best bbq AND sauce!

Gail 281 days ago


The brisket burger is on point. Sooo good

Charles 282 days ago

Kings BBQ the best!

The best in the north, south, west and east!

Katherine Queen 282 days ago


The best BBQ I have ever had and I have had BBQ in many places.

Gary 282 days ago

Mccoys BBQ

They have the best food I’ve ever tasted. I love everything but Im especially fond of the Pulled Pork and Ribs. Their homemade sides are to die for!! If you haven’t tried them please do so. The banana pudding is making my mouth water thinking about it!

Katie 282 days ago

Vinegar or tomato based sauce? Who cares if it isn't Kings?!

King's BBQ is simply the Best!!!

Ann Perkins 282 days ago

Kings BBQ-Petersburgt

I was born and raised in Petersburg, VA, and grew up eating at Kings BBQ. There is no BBQ, anywhere, like it. I live an hour away now, but I plan my doctor's appts, shopping trips, etc, around the days Kings is open. The pork BBQ is off the chain, and Dear Lord, if you want a sensation you'll take home with you, just sink your teeth into the BBQ beef. This tradition has lasted throughout the years, and there is no better. Folks from NC and Texas, and other areas argue with me. However, I've had the rest, and Kings is still the best! Oh by the way, once you recover from the heavenly flavors of the pork or beef, throw one of their awesome onion rings in your mouth, and it's off to the top of the mountain again! Best food, best family, and best people ever... Their food is complemented by a wonderful staff (subliminal msg "Whitney Jarratt"), and a great atmosphere.

David Blount 283 days ago


Triple crown has a variety of options but with that being said it’s so hard to pick because everything is delicious. Also the staff is very friendly! Triple crown is an all around wonderful place to be!

Jessica 283 days ago

Triple Crown. The BEST!!

The BEST! Triple Crown!!

Art 282 days ago

Scoot's BBQ

Before you walk in the door the aroma of the pit is in the air. A mix of Tangy and Sweet permeates the senses and then your mouth starts watering. When you get inside the staff are ready to make your experience a memorable one. Everyone is so friendly and helpful. Then, when you take a bite of brisket it melts in your mouth. The pulled pork is so good I have to take another home after eating one. Since they have Pork, Beef and chicken BBQ its a nice variety and everyone is just as good as the first. How do they do it. I love Scoot's.

Teresa Montgomery 283 days ago

Scoot's - Great staff and the food is the star!

Scoot's BBQ is fantastic! Everything I've had is delicious. Tender, flavorful brisket and pulled pork. Their fried chicken is so good and their hushpuppies are perfect. What a great place to hang out and have some really good food. The staff is always helpful and super friendly. You gotta go visit if you love BBQ!

Shanny B 283 days ago


I can’t figure out how to vote. The links don’t work.

Robert Lynn 283 days ago

Scoots BBQ

Absolutely the best, whether you want beef, pork or chicken. Yum. And the sides are amazing and include southern fried okra, Mac and cheese and , mouth watering onion rings

Linda Johnston 283 days ago


I voted the first and second round, but I cannot figure out how to vote now. KING'S Bar B-Q is the best. I hope they win.

Kay Rowlett Rowe 282 days ago

Scoot’s is the one!

You just have to love Scoot’s BBQ. The brisket is tender and juicy and the pulled pork is melt in your mouth delicious. As for Karen and Gary, they are the icing on the cake. Go Scoot’s!

Bob Anderson 283 days ago


KING'S BBQ in Petersburg, Va. is THE BEST, NO. 1... LQQK NO FURTHER! I have wondered at times during my 68 years, "Why KING'S BBQ tasted so awesome?" Well, one thing's true! No matter where you go, No matter where you will never, ever put a piece of BBQ in your mouth that is as GOOD as KING'S! I've watched them chop; I've watched them mix, (best sauce anywhere); I've watched them pile it high, (they are not skimpy); Then, I've enjoyed every mouthful from beginning to end, of a plate with THE BEST BBQ ANYWHERE...Go from fork to mouth; And this old girl wishes right now I could enjoy it again! Living 3 hours away from this pleasure is sad. Well, my Hometown of Petersburg, VA. has the BEST BBQ ANYWHERE, KING'S BBQ...YOU HAVE BEEN A FRIEND OF MINE! I Love It All; Friendly Atmosphere, the Best Aroma in Town, the Best Slaw, Biscuits and Apple Pie...But Most of All the Best BBQ Any Man or Woman, Could Ever Put In Their Mouth! I can taste it now...I've searched far and wide, in many towns and states...NONE COMPARES TO THE BEST, KING'S BBQ of Petersburg, VA. Is there a BLUE RIBBON for BBQ? ❤🐷❤💯

Ginger Rafferty 283 days ago


Sooo true and well said. Just drive by and smell the air of tradition💕🐷

Donna Phipps 283 days ago


Hooray for McCoys!

Gwendolyn Smith 284 days ago

Kings in THE best anywhere!

I was raised in Petersburg and have tried lots of BBQ since but none comes close. Same for their outstanding onion rings.

Virginia Fluet 284 days ago

Scoots BBQ

Amazing award winning bbq. Their brick and mortar is wonderful. Friendly staff and terrific owners. Their catering business is over the top, quality and quantity. Good luck Scoots!!

Teresa Kelley 284 days ago

McCoy’s BBQ

Best in town. The food is always great!

Ronald Coles 284 days ago

Scoots BBQ

Not only the VERY Best Q but Scoots has the Best Staff and the Best Owners!!

Bob Tschirhart 284 days ago

McCoy’s bbq

I love this place 😍

Jazmine Washington 284 days ago

McCoy’s barbecue

Best barbecue ever.

Donna 284 days ago

Scoots BBQ

Scoots can't be beat It is hard to decide what you want since everything is delicious and wonderful. When you leave you are planning on when you will come back. No doubt.

Shannah Cooper 284 days ago

King's bbq

Absolutely love King's BBQ

Stephanie Ivey 285 days ago

McCoys BBQ

The best!

Jason 285 days ago

Kings BBQ

Best BBQ IN VA I have been eating there since I was a child and I am almost 70!

Katherine 285 days ago

Triple Crown

The best. Drop dead wonderful.

Cathy 285 days ago

Scoots BBQ

Delightfully tender and flavorful brisket.

Sarajane M Troxel 285 days ago


Best barbeque around, best place to eat!!! the wife and I have been eating here for years

John 285 days ago

Triple Crown

Insanely tasty food and amazing customer service. Can’t be beaten.

Sophie Dennison 285 days ago

McCoys BBQ

McCoys got some awesome Q. I plan to try the others but having a hard time believing that it can be better than McCoys. These guys got it figured out.

Jason 285 days ago

Scripts BBQ

We always enjoy everything we get to eat at Scoots. Nice family atmosphere!

Betty Rhodes 285 days ago

Kings BBQ

The absolute Best on the East Coast!! I live in Florida and have to eat at Kings each time I return to Virginia ! No one comes close!!

Trish 285 days ago

Scoots BBQ

We have always gotten good bar b q at Scoots

Jerry 285 days ago

There is only one truth in BBQ - King's.

Simply the best.

Ann Perkins 285 days ago


My parents warmed my baby bottle on the potbelly stove in the original Kings. I have been eating Kong’s ever since. Best BBQ ever!!!

Jim 285 days ago