Paid Editorial Internship

Virginia Living magazine is seeking to fill a paid editorial internship position offering experience in the magazine production process. Space is limited and standards are high.

Working under the supervision of the associate editor and other editorial staff, the editorial intern will receive training in and experience of the editorial process, including pitching and researching stories, participating in the copy-editing and fact-checking process, learning A.P. Style and other editorial duties as assigned. Editorial interns may also have the opportunity to write for both the website and magazine. Virginia Living magazine will provide interns with a dedicated workstation.

Our internship program requires a commitment of at least 15-20 hours per week. The duration is four months, starting immediately through the end of December 2018. This can be extended if both the editorial intern and Virginia Living magazine wish to do so.

This is a paid internship. Virginia Living magazine is happy to adjust its editorial internship program as necessary to meet college credit requirements. Interns can expect to receive bylines and clips for use in their portfolios.


To apply for a paid internship please email us with:

1. Your resumé.

2. Relevant writing samples. College newspaper clips are great but we also like to see something that showcases your voice. So if you write a blog or have any other similar platform for your writing then please include a link.

3. A brief explanation of why you wish to intern at Virginia Living magazine.

Ashley Hunter, Assistant Editor

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