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    Michael J.N. Bowles

    A Different World: Burke's Garden

    Burke's Garden, in southwestern Virginia, pop. 300, lies in a beautiful, isolated, high-altitude valley with no post office, cell phone service or cable, and a harsh climate. As one resident says, "Something unpredictable could happen at any time." more

    May 6, 2010



  • a-tudor-showcase-thumb.jpg

    A Tudor Showcase

    It took four years and a few bidding wars with luminaries like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rod Stewart to get Dover Hall furnished. The result is an astounding collection of period art and antiques. more

    Jan 10, 2011



  • CarrierA.jpg

    Ship Shape

    What took eight years and $6.2 billion to build, towers 20 stories above the waterline and is home to 6,000 people for six months at a time? It’s the USS George H.W. Bush. more

    Mar 31, 2015


  • sonoma-ofthe-south-thumb.jpg

    Sonoma of the South: Rappahannock County

    Welcome to Rappahannock County—a tranquil island in a sea of development. Residents and visitors laud its rural charm and sophisticated culture. The question is, can it stay this way? more

    Sep 18, 2009




  • The Iron Forger and the Gold Digger

    Jones photo by Aycock Brown; Joyce photo by Bettman/Corbis

    The Iron Forger and the Gold Digger

    Sam Jones and Marguerite Upton were each raised in Norfolk's Berkley neighborhood and came of age in the Roaring Twenties. Each went on to a life of great wealth and notoriety—but they could not have been more different. more

    Oct 13, 2010


  • The-Life-of-a-Dancer.jpg

    The Life of a Dancer

    A look behind the scenes at the working life of the artists-cum-athletes of the Richmond Ballet, and into the world of la belle danse. more

    Dec 5, 2011



  • meat-1613793_1920.jpg

    Hog Wild

    Wanting to reconnect with cooking, caterer Tuffy Stone leaped into the weird and wonderful world of competition barbeque. more

    Jun 30, 2010


  • DSC_5200.jpg

    Never Give In, Never Yield

    On March 3, 2015 the president of Sweet Briar College in Amherst, James F. Jones Jr., announced the 114-year old woman’s college would close in August. What follows is an accounting of the maelstrom that came in the wake of the news. more

    Sep 11, 2015



  • History Under Glass

    Rendering by Dewhurst MacFarlane and Partners

    History Under Glass

    The Menokin Foundation and some architects have hatched a bold plan to restore the 18th-century home of Francis Lightfoot Lee using structural glass--something that has never been done before. more

    Jan 17, 2011



  • Mellons-with-horse.jpg

    The Mellon Legacy

    Among the great affluent class in Virginia, few have intrigued us more than the late billionaire philanthropist Paul Mellon and his wife Rachel “Bunny” Lambert Mellon. more

    Apr 17, 2017


  • Virginia Moore

    Courtesy of Scottsville Museum

    Striving for “Ultimates”

    An accomplished poet and literary biographer, Virginia Moore was sentimental about Virginia and especially her adopted home town. A retrospective on the “Queen of Scottsville.” more

    Nov 6, 2009



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