• birding

    Chris White

    Birders of a Feather

    Is that a belted kingfisher or an American oystercatcher? Take a trip with the Virginia Society of Ornithologists and you’ll see winged creatures in a different light. Illustration by Chris White more

    Sep 30, 2009


  • 'This is Master X'

    Photography by Richmond Times-Dispatch

    'This is Master X'

    Jesse Lee Boland was a burly, alluring con man who, in the 1930s and 1940s, sold spiritual advice to thousands of people. His act was absurd, but popular. A retrospective on on a conjurer who would mess up your mind. more

    Feb 15, 2011



  • a-tudor-showcase-thumb.jpg

    A Tudor Showcase

    It took four years and a few bidding wars with luminaries like Arnold Schwarzenegger and Rod Stewart to get Dover Hall furnished. The result is an astounding collection of period art and antiques. more

    Jan 10, 2011



  • Flying Back in Time

    Cameron Davidson

    Flying Back In Time

    In Bealeton, on a summer Sunday, you can get a firsthand look at the early days of American aviation, when daring pilots and sturdy biplanes helped to win world wars and then went “barnstorming” across America. more

    Oct 1, 2010


  • BEECollect2.jpg

    Robb Scharetg

    The Little Busy Bee

    Honeybees are crucial to our environment as primary pollinators of plants, and scientists are scrambling to discover the causes of the recent decline in their numbers. One group might help to reverse the trend: beekeepers. more

    Aug 9, 2017



  • SFreemanwitharmynavychiefs.jpg

    Courtesy of Richmond Times Dispatch

    Words Read ’Round the World

    Douglas Freeman and Virginius Dabney were modest men, serious thinkers and two of the best newspaper editors of their time. A retrospective on a pair of influential, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists. more

    Mar 17, 2011


  • The Lady of Belvoir

    Tyler Darden

    The Lady of Belvoir

    George Washington would not have become the man he was without the help of Sally Fairfax. She mentored the young Washington and fired his ambition, and the two by all accounts shared a hidden—forbidden—love. more

    Aug 20, 2010


  • peanuts3.jpg

    Casey Templeton

    Deep Roots

    For the 200 farmers in southeastern Virginia’s peanut belt, this is a special time of the year: harvest season. Low prices have shrunk production volumes, but nobody is giving up on an iconic food crop that goes back nearly 170 years. more

    Jun 5, 2017


  • Virginia Moore

    Courtesy of Scottsville Museum

    Striving for “Ultimates”

    An accomplished poet and literary biographer, Virginia Moore was sentimental about Virginia and especially her adopted home town. A retrospective on the “Queen of Scottsville.” more

    Nov 6, 2009



  • the-tie-that-binds-thumb.jpg

    The Tie that Binds

    Westover, Shirley and Berkeley plantations are living links to our country’s history, but these Colonial-era James River estates are also home to generations of three extraordinary families. The story of a deep and unique friendship. more

    Jul 14, 2017



  • Shirakawa_shutterstock_602221184.jpg

    Snow Country

    A journey through Japan reveals a country where modern and ancient create a haunting harmony. more

    Jul 20, 2017


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  • Rachel_Kim_final.jpg

    Mixing It Up

    Richmond's cocktail artisans are taking the craft to a new level. more

    Jul 12, 2017


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    Saving Selma

    After years of neglect from an absentee owner and decay significant enough to threaten its survival, historic Selma Mansion in Loudoun County is getting a second chance. more

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    Comfort Zone

    Stately and elegant, Four Acres in Charlottesville is also a warm and welcoming family retreat. more

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    Tricia Pearsall

    A Tropical Wonderland

    Boquete, in western Panama, is a mountain oasis—laid-back and full of flowers, exotic birds, raging rivers and adventure. more

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    32 Reasons to Love Lexington

    From thinkers and makers to doers and risk-takers, Lexington is putting on a fresh face. Today, this once sleepy college town, where Lee and Jackson still loom large, is fast becoming a newly intriguing destination. more

    Aug 7, 2017


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  • Diner en Blanc-1.jpg

    Phaedra Hise

    White Nights

    The tradition of Diner en Blanc lights up in Richmond. more

    Aug 11, 2017

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