Nabeel A. Khan

9554 Old Keene Mill Road, Suite C, Virginia 22015

9554 Old Keene Mill Road, Suite C, Virginia 22015
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I do not recommend Kahn, if I had not gone to another dentist, I could have lost within one year three of my teeth. Kahn is not a good dentist.
Two years ago, I felt a very strong pain in my tooth. When I went to Kahn, he told me everything was fine and prescribed me an antibiotic.... In a few months I started having yellow liquid leaking out of my tooth. Kahn said everything was fine and sent me back home. Then six months later he told me to do a root canal and crown on the same tooth... So basically he let the tooth die without doing anything about it... When Kahn started doing the root canal he told me the nerve for the tooth was already dead. He started doing the root canal himself and after torturing my tooth for 1 hour he was able to do only one of the three required canals. So after all this torture, he sent me to another specialist. I had to wait for two weeks to see the specialist and the specialist could not understand why Kahn did not finish it. Then after waiting for another month Kahn finally put on the new crown..all this cost me $3500. So I was hoping it would last. Unfortunately this crown only lasted two years.
On my last appointment Kahn recommended to do extraction of one tooth that had a cavity, just because it was hard for him to fix. And to put a filling on another tooth. So I went to another dentist to get a second opinion. After he took and x-ray of these teeth. The second dentist told me I did not have to extract the first tooth, he fixed it with a filling saying he would never recommend extraction. On the second tooth which Kahn wanted to put a filling in, he said he could find nothing to fix. He also told me that I had a Major problem to worry about. Two Crowns, both put in by Kahn (one two years old, the second three years old), were poorly fitted and both letting food particles come up underneath the crowns. Both my crowns were in danger of losing the tooth beneath them due to decay if left alone. So I had to change two crowns and pay another $4,000. After talking to Kahn he explained to me that I had a problem with gums receding and it was not his fault. This response does not hold water because #1 as we get older we all have receding gums. And #2 I have a third crown in my mouth that is 10 years old (put in by another dentist). This crown is in perfect condition and shows no signs of decay underneath, nor was it affected by my receding gums.

Ala Bahatyrova more than 4 years ago

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