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The Greatest Show

I love the way your words transform simple and ordinary observations into beautiful, magical moments to get lost in. Thank you.

Holly Coop 102 days ago

Your words are magical

... and they stir the air around us just like the wings of the birds you describe in your story. Thank you Stuart for creating a garden and a vision that we can also carry with us in our hearts.

Mariana 352 days ago

Well the garden...

...isn't half as beautiful as your comment! You're always welcome to come and sit under the crepe myrtle any time!

Stuart Perkins 352 days ago

Love the encoragement!

Stories by Stuart Perkins are so enlightening!
I now have a great desire to transform my mess of crab grass, into a delightful garden..

Mary Ann 353 days ago

Crab grass... at least green! But yes, give it a try and whatever you end up with will be perfection if you enjoy the process!

Stuart Perkins 352 days ago

the work of your own hands

utterly delightful how thoughts transformed into your own little space ..... planted, nurtured, watered and grown ...awesome!

Evalyne Mungai 354 days ago

Yes a transformation...

...a learning process, therapy, and simple fun rolled into one project! I hope you have a space at your house to escape to also. We all need that!

Stuart Perkins 352 days ago


Mr. Perkins has captured a juicy, transformational perspective once again. I relish his writing like the long awaited Christmas stocking of childhood.

Lydia Dolch 357 days ago

I appreciate...

....such a comment and am beyond happy that you feel that way! I feel the same way when I read so many things. Love that.

Stuart Perkins 356 days ago


What an incredible story. The detail and experience you write about is so relatable and takes me back to my own comfort place. Thank you for sharing your story

Angelica 357 days ago

We all need...

... a comfort place! What I didn't know was that I could actually create my own. Liberating!

Stuart Perkins 356 days ago

Creation is beautiful

How lovely to bring the joy and beauty of gardens right into your own personal space. They truly do soothe the soul and help us deal with life's frustrations - or at least escape them for a time, and maybe help us find answers. And just think how your garden will grow and change over the years - as will your quiet pleasure at creating something so beautiful.

Christopher E Hall 357 days ago

A perfect escape... exactly what it is! A good place to sit and think or not think at all!

Stuart Perkins 356 days ago


I enjoyed this article. And gardening can be so enjoyable, both the work of putting it in and then sitting back and drinking in the peace and beauty.

Marie Q Rogers 357 days ago

Yes even the work...

...can be enjoyable but nothing beats the sitting back part!

Stuart Perkins 356 days ago

Beautiful piece

Your lovely writing transported me right in the middle of your tranquil garden, amidst the beautiful flowers and colorful birds. Alas! I am still at work, but inspired to buy some flowering plants for my terrace on my way back home. Thank you for putting a smile on your reader's face.

Nitin 358 days ago

Yes, get some plants...

...for the terrace! Most of the joy is in the creating and it will do you good! Love it.

Stuart Perkins 358 days ago

...happy ending

I'm sitting here at my desk at work grinning from ear to ear...what a lovely journey I took reading The Greatest Show. And I'm glad there was a happy ending.

Jennifer Robinson 358 days ago

A very happy ending... the close of every work day! A good place to sit and unwind. Loved it that you grinned!

Stuart Perkins 358 days ago

Your own garden

The creation is a pleasure in itself. You can enjoy it even when you are not in it. Think of some evergreens for the winter birds in Virginia.

Jack H Dunn 358 days ago

Definitely evergreens...

...for the birds and to brighten up the sometimes long gray Virginia winters. You're welcome to come sit in the garden any time you like!

Stuart Perkins 358 days ago


This is such a beautiful piece...and beautiful peace! There is nothing like spending hours gardening and enjoying the results- getting lost in your thoughts, surrounded by the sounds, sights, and scents of nature. It's the finest nourishment for the soul!

Ashleigh 358 days ago

Definitely peace...

...and don't we all need some? It's turned into my instant escape at the end of the day. The garden itself is fun and a handful of birdseed tossed around gets the show going.

Stuart Perkins 358 days ago

Natural faith

Great story of having your dreams come true and finding the bluebird of happiness in your own back yard.

Ina Hart 362 days ago

I did find...

... the bluebird! And the cardinal, and the robin... I found them through a lot of sweat and hard work but so worth it!

Stuart Perkins 362 days ago

Courage and persistency.

Thanks for writing about your experience, Stuart. I could feel your budding openness to the adventure of creating a beautiful space at home and your willingness to stick with it day after day. I feel the beauty in your yard and know that you will encounter many more birds as time goes on. Rock on!

Ruth P 362 days ago

I am outside right now…

...listening to birds even as I type this. Gardens are always beautiful and the birds breathe a little life into them.

Stuart Perkins 362 days ago

Building a Garden

This is an accomplishment to admire, Stuart. We built a small butterfly garden triangle in the corner of our previous little home in Syracuse, N.Y., and marveled in our backyard chairs at all of the wildlife that shared in our city habitat respite.
You shared your feelings of peace so beautifully, I hope others join in with their own quest for such moments.

Mark Bialczak 362 days ago

I’d love to...

...see some pictures of your butterfly garden! Here in Virginia I’ve planted things intended to attract butterflies and I get a few, but mostly bees. Still good, but more butterflies would be fun.

Stuart Perkins 362 days ago

Oh what a lovely story. It is rewarding to see things grow whether you have an entire yard to play with or only a few flower pots. I'm glad you stuck with it and found your peace. It's always exciting when I notice a new post of yours in my inbox!

Oh what a lovely story. It is rewarding to see things grow whether you have an entire yard to play with or only a few flower pots. I'm glad you stuck with it and found your peace. It's always exciting when I notice a new post of yours in my inbox!

katelon jeffereys 363 days ago

It definitely took...

...some will power to stick with it a couple of days there, but worth it!

Stuart Perkins 363 days ago

If you build it....

Your garden sounds like a miracle, and your enjoyment is well-deserved. I laughed that your old crepe myrtle became beautiful. We thought we were butchering ours, but it's beginning to reward us with symmetry and new leaves. There is still a long wait for the blooms. I enjoyed the way you wrote of the transformation in your yard.

Anne Mehrling 363 days ago

Crepe myrtles...

...are so resilient after a butchering! Love that you cared enough to get yours back into shape too!

Stuart Perkins 363 days ago


We're all looking for that special place. The one that makes us smile, let's us breathe.
I live vicariously in the author's space because I kill plants with a look.
Congratulations and enjoy :)

Aimer Boyz 363 days ago

Well you’re welcome... come by here anytime!

Stuart Perkins 363 days ago

Another great story

Although we've never met, I discovered Stuart's writing when we both participated in an online blogging challenge. The quality of writing varied widely (including my own), but I quickly learned that anything from Stuart was worth reading, and in fact deserved me saving it for a time when I could savor it. Thanks for another great story Stuart, I can see your backyard in my mind, and can't wait to read more from you.

Steve 363 days ago

I remember that challenge well...

... and what a fine compliment from you! Thanks for the encouragement, once again!

Stuart Perkins 363 days ago


I feel the same way, Steve. Stuart brings to life any piece that he writes, so that you feel as if you're right there with him. Sitting in my office I truly felt the escape to HIS very own garden of bloom (no longer gloom). May the Cardinal be with You!

Nita C. 359 days ago

Come and escape...

...anytime! I'm all smiles in any garden and the cherry on top is watching others step in and feel the same way. Glad you enjoyed reading this little piece!

Stuart Perkins 359 days ago

The Greatest Show

The tranquility of this piece reminds me of similar thoughts and feelings I had when creating my garden. My health improved threefold and my outlook 100 percent. Thank you for your words. They create the picture picture.

Liberal Linda 363 days ago

My outlook improves...

...the minute I go out there. Most of the hardcore work is done but as you know it takes daily "grazing" to keep it together. The time spent out there lost in thought about this leaf or that flower keeps the mind too busy to fret over everyday nuisances. I don't know what I'd do without a garden.

Stuart Perkins 363 days ago

Searching for Eden

Gardens can be emotional spaces, a place of hope, calm and serenity. They are planted as a celebration, in remembrance, dedicated to journeys through adversity, somewhere to evoke memories. Or simply as a haven to wander through with a glass of wine or cup of coffee .. it can start with just a scattering of seeds and a shallow bowl of water for the birds. Lovely story and one I hope non-gardeners can take encouragement from

Deb 363 days ago

You're right...

... that even a bowl of water and a few seeds can be the start. One small step leads to another and soon you're standing back in awe of what you started. And the best part is that anyone can do it!

Stuart Perkins 363 days ago

I, too, enjoy my garden

Your stories bring the garden and birds alive. You have such a gift for drawing people into your stories. I, too, enjoy gardening. It's so relaxing and rejuvenating. It reminds me of my Dad's love of all things green, and how he always fed the birds. I'm going to get some dirt under my fingernails and plant my recent nursery purchases today. Honeysuckle, gardenia and lilac are some of my favorite scents - and roses, but so many of the newer rose varieties have lovely flowers but no scent. The gardenia plant that doesn't flower but has a pleasant scent that repels mosquitoes is one of my current favorites.

DiFromVA 363 days ago

We're from...

... a long line of garden lovers. And lucky us! Any time I smell an iris I am right back at Nannie's house.

Stuart Perkins 363 days ago

Thanks, Stu!

Thanks so much for another wonderful piece. Reminds me of my youth, wandering around quiet little gardens in Yorktown and Williamsburg. I can smell the honeysuckle and the gardenia now.

Mike Shelton 363 days ago

Nothing beats...

...the smell of honeysuckle! I remember my last trip to Williamsburg and all of the tiny gardens tucked away here and there. Perfection.

Stuart Perkins 363 days ago

Amazing piece

I love this, so much! I think of my mom and her bird feeders, and all the beautiful flowers and vegetables my parents' backyard has. We have beautiful knockout roses lining the front walls of our house, my husband and I, but we want to do so much more! Thank you for the inspiration.

Laura Beth 363 days ago

You inspire me...

.... because roses can be intimidating, I think! I have a lot of things in my tiny garden but few roses. Maybe I'll try those knockouts!

Stuart Perkins 363 days ago

Gardens feed the soul

A lovely story. The glory of gardening: hands in the dirt, head in the sun, heart with nature. To nurture a garden is to feed not just the body, but the soul.

— Alfred Austin

Monika & Sam 363 days ago


....right! A long day in the garden is beyond satisfying.

Stuart Perkins 363 days ago


I love this story and the perseverance you have displayed in finding your bliss. The peaceful, beautitful space you have created is a slice of heaven for birds, wildlife and humans alike. Your story reminds me of my father who found his solace in gardening and who took us on every vacation to see the gardens on his list. Thank you for this beautiful story and all of those wonderful memories it provoked.

Lisa Dewey 363 days ago

How appropriate and...

... thoughtful of him to introduce you all to gardens as part of a vacation! I know mine is a mini-vacation every weekday around 5:00!

Stuart Perkins 363 days ago

My Oasis

I tell people my favorite thing is "playing in the dirt." I have turned my one acre weed patch into my own oasis and the birds, squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, and deer join me in the peace and tranquility of my own garden. I felt your frustration, hard work, and ending joy in a job well done.

Sue Cass 363 days ago

It's the journey...

...not the destination, they say, and that sure applies to gardening doesn't it? It's never over and done, nor should it be. The process of playing in the dirt is the most fun, I agree!

Stuart Perkins 363 days ago

Fine Gardening

You are my gardening soulmate. You capture the joy of being a gardener!

Lisa Robertson 363 days ago

Nothing more joyful... you know, than watching for the first buds in spring, first blooms in summer, and first seed catalogs during the cold gray winter!

Stuart Perkins 363 days ago


No place quite so healing as a garden

Edith 363 days ago

No truer words...

...none. It's the perfect therapy!

Stuart Perkins 363 days ago

Love this!

This is so encouraging. My impetus for gardening was a huge tree blowing over leaving a large hole. We filled the hole with dirt and planted a few hydrangeas and we were hooked. Now I spend hours gardening every day. The birds and butterflies love it and I love them.

Linda Bethea 363 days ago

A perfect way...

... to solve the problem and what a great introduction into what will be a lifetime of fun! The birds and butterflies are great bonuses, aren't they?

Stuart Perkins 363 days ago

I feel your fulfillment and piece.

Stu, Though I may never sit there with you under that tree enjoying the fruits of your labor, the piece I feel when reading your descriptions puts me right there. I can see and feel the beauty. Thank you friend.

Joyce 363 days ago

Always room...

... on the bench under the crepe myrtle! You're welcome anytime!

Stuart Perkins 363 days ago

I feel peaceful

I love this, Stu! I feel peaceful after reading it. You captured the essence of joy and peace one gets from being outdoors in the garden with the random wild bird. Perfection!

Shan Bush 364 days ago

Bird brains...

.... like me especially enjoy the robins and cardinals that come to the fountain. Even those gangs of starlings are a pretty sight when the sunlight hits them just right.

Stuart Perkins 363 days ago

The Greatest Show Indeed

I love this story. Stuart, with your words you have taken me mentally to your garden. I can see in my mind's eye all that you have described. Now, I need you to come over and create EXACTLY that same peace and tranquility in my back yard.

Angela Pace 364 days ago

You can do it!

Your garden doesn't have to do anything except please YOU. When I didn't have dirt to dig in I made do with a geranium in the window. Start in a corner and work your way around. You can't go wrong!

Stuart Perkins 363 days ago

Loving the peace

Another perfect story, Stuart! Your garden is beautiful. It is a source of calm and peace. May others be inspired!!

Francisco Laguna 364 days ago

Nothing better...

... than a peaceful evening in any garden!

Stuart Perkins 363 days ago

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