Reaping Havoc



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Reaping Havoc

Thanks for the article. If you can get "she who must be obeyed" to settle for a smaller garden, you can do what Penny did--build a raised garden (treated wood, a plastic liner, some gravel, fill dirt and top soil) and you're good to go. And you can put it in your own yard = no road trips...good luck!


Frank DeGaetani more than 9 years ago

The Farm Experiment

Our garden came out a little better, thanks primarily due to Terry's efforts (see the condo comment) however our $75 in chickens have had over $700 worth of coops/fencing plus probably another $300-400 in feed which should roughly equate to about $15.00 dozen! We don't worry about salmonella, though- just predators. I am happily planning for next years chicks. Signed- the other Contessa

more than 9 years ago


Clark, you just summed up my experience with farming. Show me the Condo!

Terry Yates more than 9 years ago

Little Farm

Great story Clarke, unfortunately I know it's not fiction. If the Contessa would like a few more acres to till I can set you up in Orange County.

Dave Pomfret more than 9 years ago

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