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Leni Sorensen

Leni is a renaissance woman form whom all of us can learn. A beautiful article that should inspire us to broaden our horizons and to create an opportunity to meet Leni Sorensen.

Rowena Morrel more than 7 years ago

Nice article!!

If I knew Leni was present at Monticello one weekend soon, I'd make the trip. Yup, it's only a 200 mile trip. more than 7 years ago

wonderful read...

Thank you for this beautifully written article (story). I really enjoyed reading about this amazing woman and her journey through life and all that she has accomplished.

Jan more than 7 years ago

Thats my mom!

What a beautiful, well worded, and complete look at my mother, who is my inspiration for everything. I am so glad you had the chance to expierience what really is her everyday life and share it with everyone. I am so lucky to have grown up there with all of "that":) Thank you and Im glad you enjoyed!

Winter Meyeres (Sorensen) more than 8 years ago

Great Article


Wonderful article on a wonderful woman. Leni always makes me think of my grandmom 'ladybug" who was a great gardener, seamstress, canner and wine maker. You are a woman of many talents, Leni.
(You ain't too bad yourself, Kendra, smile.)

Shirley Solomon Parrish more than 8 years ago

wonderful article

What a lovely and well-written profile of a fascinating woman! Thanks Virginia Living for bringing Ms. Sorensen's story to light.

Karen more than 8 years ago

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