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jadegown more than 3 years ago


I'm so sorry I missed this! I am a descendent of Charles Binns II (my 6th great grandfather) and have always wanted to visit the house. The article mentioned that a portrait of John Alexander Binns (my 4th great grandfather) hangs in the parlor. I would love to see it!

Heather W. more than 5 years ago


I've just come across your article on Rokeby and am delighted to be able to add this to my Binns family history. Charles Binns 11 is also my 6th great grandfather as well as John Alexander Binns as my great uncle. Heather W. we must be related!! Is it possible to get a copy of your magazine that had this article in it? Would love to have one. Thank you and maybe on day will be able to walk the grounds and see the home of great grandfather Charles. Pam B

Pam BLaz more than 5 years ago

Charles Binns, first clerk of court

My husband is descended from Charles I, then Charles II, then John Alexander, etc. We toured Rokeby with the owner about 20 years ago. We saw where the Declaration of Independence was housed. my contact is Redskiknz2012@gmail.com

Mary Bnns more than 4 years ago


Johnnie Binns, Eb Binns from Moody Texas

Jere more than 2 years ago


Yes, we are definitely related! There are many Binns descendants!

Heather W. more than 3 years ago

We must be related also

The Binns from Moody Texas. Johnnie Binns, Eb Binns,

Jsanders@stx.rr.com more than 2 years ago

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