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  • home-away-from-home-thumb.jpg

    Home Away From Home

    A resurgent economy has led to an uptick in second home purchases nationwide, and the Commonwealth is no exception. more

    May 9, 2016


  • halcyon-days-thumb.jpg

    Halcyon Days

    Tucked appropriately into a framework of more than 200 boxwoods and seven species of magnolias, historic Bellevue provides elegant country living. more

    May 9, 2016



  • SAM_1185.jpg

    On The Market

    Distinctive home and property offerings in Richmond, Arlington, Roanoke and Norfolk. more

    May 9, 2016


  • _83P9192.jpg

    Riverpoint Retreat

    Upper Flowerdew is a contemporary family home on a centuries-old Prince George County estate. It is also a nexus of history, family and the future. more

    Aug 10, 2015


  • RoanokeFrontDrive2.jpg

    Everybody Knows ‘Fairacres’

    It was a grand, turn-of-the-century residence, then home to the Roanoke Council of Garden Clubs for 40 years. Now a hilltop mansion has been brought back to its original purpose as an elegant family home. more

    Jul 27, 2015


  • Hopper0007.jpg

    Andrea Hubbell

    Grace Notes

    From a friend of George Washington to a World War II general and now Harry and Maria Hopper, generations of families have brought élan to the refurbishment of this historic, yet timeless, Old Town Alexandria house. more

    Apr 7, 2015


  • whats-old-is-new-again-thumb.jpg

    What’s New Is Old Again

    Compass Pointe is a rustic—and Romanesque—house on the water in Virginia Beach. Photography by Kip Dawkins • Styling by Bill Sorrell more


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  • restaurant-redux-thumb.jpg

    Restaurant Redux

    The iconic Blue Pete’s in Pungo is back in business and booming once again, helmed by twin brothers who have breathed new life into a Virginia Beach favorite. more

    Jan 20, 2017




  • teaser.jpg

    The Mellon Legacy

    Among the great affluent class in Virginia, few have intrigued us more than the late billionaire philanthropist Paul Mellon and his wife Rachel “Bunny” Lambert Mellon. more

    Jan 24, 2017

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  • The-Feydo-Wedding-0093.jpg

    Bride & Groom

    Karis Joback & Andrew Feydo • May 28, 2016 • Braeloch Lodge, Vinton more

    Jan 20, 2017

  • Teaser.jpg

    Bride & Groom

    Shauna Trichler & Adam Fuhrmann • August 13, 2016 • Morven Park, Leesburg more

    Jan 12, 2017


  • biking-thumb.jpg


    Thanks to our wildly divergent geography, we Virginians get to do it all in the great outdoors. Join us as we meet some of each region’s most devoted sportsmen who boulder, fish, kayak, mountain bike, race and surf their way to recreational bliss. more

    Jul 26, 2016

  • FightingGravityPromo-9145.jpg

    Dead Weight

    The latest round of “no cheat” fitness trends include aerial yoga, barre-centered classes, Navy SEAL workouts and the use of suspension trainers like TRX. more

    Jun 6, 2016

Party Pics

  • BofVA2015-88.jpg

    Best of Virginia Celebration 2015

    Hundreds of guests gathered in the Grand Ballroom of Richmond's Altria Theater June 17 to celebrate the winners from our annual readers' survey at Virginia Living's inaugural Best of Virginia Celebration! more

    Jun 19, 2015

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