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King's BBQ Sauce

My old boss grew up in Petersburg. He told me that CF Sauer Company ought King's BBQ for the sole purpose of getting the recipe for the sauce, which is sold in grocery stores all over under the Sauer name. I don't know if that's true or not, but the Sauer sauce is really really tasty (and is more of a vinegar base, although it's reddish-orange in color).

My favorite, though, is the mustard-based sauce from down in Georgia.

Porky Pig more than 5 years ago

Best Sauce In The Country

I mentioned King's Barbecue in the above post as being my favorite barbecue. I'm not alone. Southern Living has now listed King's sauce as one of the best in the South: http://www.southernliving.com/food/best-barbecue-sauce-00417000078444/

Petersburg restaurant Saucy's also made the list for best pulled pork. That's my hometown!

Matt Shipman more than 5 years ago

Barbecue finishing school

I'll occasionally add a few drops of Texas Pete to my barbecue. The vinegar and salt in it link up nicely with the flavors of the sauce. I staunchly oppose coleslaw in all forms and contexts, but I'm always open to a little mayonnaise.

Jimmy Ryals more than 5 years ago

No wrong answer

I don't think there's a right or wrong answer when it comes to how you like to finish your barbecue. As a rule, we tend to like what we grew up with. Now, speaking for myself, I confess to having a soft spot for barbecue served in a big pool of vinegary sauce. It doesn't NEED it (when done well, it can stand on its own), but I like my barbecue dripping out the sides of the bun. With coleslaw on top.

Matt Shipman more than 5 years ago

And the Debate Begins...

Great post! Let the debate begin about finishing the meat! Mustard, Vinegar, Ketchup, or Sweet Barbecue Sauce OR a flavorful dry rub?

Mike Smith more than 5 years ago

The many faces of Virginia Barbecue

Hey Jimmy,
Virginia is home to a wide array of barbecue styles. All are pork-based, but the sauces run the gamut from mustardy to sweet, tomato-based to vinegar. True to my roots in southeastern Virginia, not far from the NC border, I am fond of the spicy, vinegar-based sauces. However, they're often not as austere as some eastern NC traditionalists -- who often swear that a sauce should not consist of more than vinegar and peppers. So, in short, you tend to see quite a bit of variation in the Old Dominion.

Matt Shipman more than 5 years ago

Well said

I'll be interested to see what Gov. Perry says on his inevitable trip to an eastern North Carolina barbecue restaurant ahead of the primary next spring.

I'm surprised to hear of a Virginia restaurant serving a vinegar-based barbecue. I thought the Old Dominion favored mustard-based and ketchup-based sauces?

For what it's worth, only a Virginia restaurant has come close to turning me on ENC Q. Unfortunately, I can't remember the name -- I think it's a Charlottesville restaurant that sells pork at FloydFest every year.

Jimmy Ryals more than 5 years ago

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