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Haupt's Country Store

I drove to this store yesterday from the west side of Richmond. The guy says the meat market has been closed for a long time. Looked to me to be years. This article has a date of Nov. 1, 2017, what's that all about?

George Martin more than 3 years ago


Wonderful seafood. Soft shell crabs and crab cakes are well worth stopping for!

Cathy Turner more than 3 years ago

Bellair Market

My office is in the Boar's Head Inn Resort business complex close to Bellair. Having gone to this deli/market/gas station at lease 1-2 times a week for 14 years, I can confirm what every newbie or regular will tell you---it never gets boring. Not only is the food good, reasonably priced, and the menu changing but the staff is a warm, friendly "family". Pat is a joy, treating all the employees with respect and really cares about each, and Dave will always answer "Awesome" while giving you a warm smile when you ask him how he is. Ashley???Well Ashley must know the words to every song they play in there and usually knows the regulars by name, as well as what they are likely to order. Their deli cases carry a variety of fresh made salads, sides, prepared meats, wraps and oh so tempting desserts. I even pick up a roasted chicken for dinner once in a while. I haven't any affiliation with the company or the business---I just love and appreciate this whole bunch! Thanks for the good eats and warm atmosphere guys!!!

Cynthia Mc more than 4 years ago

Risin' Smoke - South Hill, VA

This stop is amazing. All the pies and side dishes are home made, think fresh fried okra and the best collards you want to eat. Amazing smoked salmon too. Great folks, hefty portions. Sending up smoke signals for my friends in South Hill. Not open on Sunday folks so plan around that.

Teena Lurlene more than 4 years ago

The Market at Bellair

Love, love, love the sandwiches! When my daughter was getting her master's degree at UVA she was introduced to the Market at Bellair. She introduced us, we introduced others, wonderful food! Thank you Pat Pitts!!

Jacqui Thomas more than 4 years ago

Beans BBQ

No trip to Bryce is complete without a Bean's BBQ pre-order! We love this place!

Elise Pizarro more than 4 years ago

Blue Ridge Pig

I moved to Richmond from Nellysford ten years ago and my mouth still waters at the mere mention of the Blue Ridge Pig; I've tried quite a bit of BBQ in my sixty some years and Strawberry Goodwin's is still my absolute favorite - so is the potato salad!

John Storck Maddox more than 4 years ago

Sting-Rays... Thanks for the tip!

I pass it but never stopped in. I will give it a try.

Dawn more than 4 years ago

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