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Lettuce Eat

Forget iceberg and heavy dressing: Make a tangy, nutrient-rich salad with colorful, fresh greens. Photography by Kip Dawkins • Food Styling by J Frank • Prop styling by Richard Stone more »

Jun 27, 2009 11:10 AM Eat in

Mother of Invention

The pantry isn’t always well-stocked. Sometimes you have to improvise. We gave 12 staples to three chefs, let each add one ingredient of his own, and turned them loose. By Christine Ennulat • Photography by Kip Dawkins • Food styled by J Frank • Prop styling by Tyler Darden more »

Jul 27, 2009 12:13 PM Eat in

The Primordial Stew

A pot of hearty food, nicely seasoned and bubbling away in the kitchen, goes a long way toward warming winter nights. more »

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Ten Mile Meal

For beef, many of Virginia’s best restaurants turn to Mount Air Farm in Crozet, home to Gryffon’s Aerie beef and more. Christina Ball tours this sustainable farm and stays for a memorable meal. Photography by Stacey Evans more »

Jul 29, 2009 2:58 PM Eat in 2 Comments

Spice of Life

“There’s nothing better on pork loin than a spoonful of spicy plum chutney,” says Oliver Turner. “It gives it the right bite and flavor.” He would know. As the head of marketing for the family-run Virginia Chutney Company in Rappahannock County, Turner is an expert on chutney, the fruit- and vegetable-based sauces, often spicy, that were part of traditional Indian food before being adopted by the English and spreading throughout the British Empire.

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