Cornpone Versus Cornbread



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Corn Pone

Augustus Finch Shirts, in his 1901 "History of the Formation, Settlement and Development of Hamilton County, Indiana, 1818 to the Close of the Civil War" pp. 296 - 298, has a few paragraphs about corn pone, how it was cooked and ingredients compared to corn bread. Shirts indicates that corn pone was well known circa 1830.

John Galt 7 days ago

Pone of cornbread

My parents were born & raised in the 1920s in north Georgia and they always used the term “a pone of cornbread”. It was made with cornmeal, a little flour, baking soda, salt, an egg, buttermilk and a little shortening or oil. I’ve eaten this my whole life.

Deborah 157 days ago

Cone pone origins

Corn pone is a variation of fungi which is a corn bread or pudding brought from Africa by the slaves.

Aline more than 1 year ago

Corn in Africa??

You sure about that? Ain't never heard about no African Corn!

Aaron Ververs 168 days ago

Pone predates civil war

Corn pone pre dates the civil war at least by several years. Frederic Law Olmstead mentions it in his series of writings published during the 1850s

James Hayes more than 1 year ago



STEVE DANSIH more than 1 year ago

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