Soul of the Bay

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The guy thatyou have working on the

The guy you have working on the Thomas E. As William Parker, is actually a relative Russell Spriggs. Thought you may want to know.

Donnie Spriggs 209 days ago


Donnie, You are correct. Tommy Owens

Tommy Owens 120 days ago


the men in haulseining pic are my Dad Hartness Insley on his boat tied up to the Carolyn Alphs boat, Jay Martin worked with Dad on his boat and Bill Sally worked on Alphs...taken by Cheyne Studios Sept. 1956 Dad and My. Cheyne were good friends !

Sonny Insley/Marshland Expeditions 360 days ago


The Elva C, a buy boat restored by the Reedville Fishermens Museum is also a great part of history..

Wanda Hassler 360 days ago

Great story

Great story of a Chesapeake Bay workhorse brought back to life by watermen with a passion for these waters and these boats and the history of this beautiful bay.

Stephanie Callahan 361 days ago