Top Beverage Maker Awards 2019

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Best Gin

Caiseal Beer & Spirits Co /The VanGuard in Hampton, VA has the best Gin around. give it a try sometime. You will not be disappointed.

Greg Gilbert more than 1 year ago

Missed Meadery

Haley's Honey Meadery in Hopewell Virginia

Daniel Jones more than 1 year ago

Missing Cidery

Sly Clyde in Hampton is one of the best cideries in the Commonwealth, but I didn't see it on the list. I'm not typically a cider drinker, but Sly Clyde has made me a believer/drinker! The Submersive (their classic dry cider) and Inkjet (Blackberry, Mint infused but not sweet) are my faves.

Lisa more than 1 year ago


I was looking for Bull Run Winery but didn't see it. Did I miss it?

Susan more than 1 year ago

Your list of Breweries

I would like to vote for my favorite brewery, only it isn't listed. It is Jack Mason's Brewery in Clifton Forge. It should have been listed in your Shenandoah Valley section of Brewery listings. It is not only very popular and great beer, but it is the cover story in the latest addition of Appalachian Hub Magazine.

MOTT VATHERHOLT more than 1 year ago

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