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So... what it was inside the oddballs?

Silvia more than 2 years ago

Great story!

This made me grin! I LOVE your writing, You make us, the readers, feel that we are right there with you and because of that, we reflect on our own family memories. Thank you!

Ashleigh Whitlow more than 2 years ago


Exactly! The gift bag is humankind's greatest invention!

Ernie Quatrani more than 2 years ago

Great story!

It’s the personal touch that matters!

Janine Cammarata more than 2 years ago

wrap star

What a delightful story! You made me feel as though I was there.

Kay Walker more than 2 years ago

Well done

That was great! I really enjoyed this.

Michael Walters more than 2 years ago

Great Post!

I sure can relate to to this!
Great story, I like your writing style.

Mary more than 2 years ago

Wrap Star

A fun post which made me smile Stuart...I remember my son one year going to one shop, bought dvd's and gift vouchers and DUMPED...Yes in the middle of the floor and told everyone help yourself I am being environmentally conscious... Stunned silence for a few seconds as he walked out to grab a beer... His wrapping skills have improved somewhat 20 years down the line...Great post .

Carol Taylor more than 2 years ago

Wrap Star

Thanks for a perfectly crafted story wrapped with humor. Totally awesome.

Kondaine Kaliwo more than 2 years ago

Great Story

thanks for sharing your creativity through story and wrapping.

CJ more than 2 years ago

You got there

Such a great story. Not sure about your wrapping skills, but worth writing and gardening skills, you got there.

Tucker more than 2 years ago

Wrap star

I follow this writer and his stories remind me of my childhood. Please keep writing

Karen Vogel more than 2 years ago

A fantastic blogger

Stuart M. Perkins is one of the best bloggers in the world. He tells some rather interesting stories whenever he writes his blog posts.

Joseph P. more than 2 years ago

Creativity at its finest, I'd say

I laughed out loud at this article.Thanks, Stuart, for reminding us that perfect isn't always best. It's only perceived perfection. The best gifts I've ever received were mysteriously wrapped and ugly to precision gift-wrapping standards.

Kirsten more than 2 years ago

Wrap Star

So very glad to have read this before I have wrapped anything. I laughed and thought about wrapping presents and then I thought about the people near to me who are such lumpy presents -- unexpected, not smooth, not sightly and how often I've tried to cover them "just so."

Maren Tirabassi more than 2 years ago

Wrap it up

Great story! I laughed and cried as I always do when I read a Stuart Perkins story. I was reminded of my father and his precisely wrapped presents and how I worked so hard to perfect my technique. Such wonderful memories. And this story reminds me that there are many ways to enjoy gift giving... creating beautifully wrapped gifts, wrapping gifts that surprise the recipient but mostly experiencing the joy of giving and time spent with friends and family.

Lisa d more than 2 years ago

Wrap Star

This story is great! I do okay at wrapping but due to the amount of gifts under my tree, I gave up putting ribbons and bows on my packages. They stack better with just a name tag plastered to the front of the package. LOL.

Sharon more than 2 years ago

Right on point

This is such a perfectly wrapped story. It had me beginning to end and reminded me of the year my grandfather made a special code for each gift so we could not guess was was in each package. The problem was, he lost the key! It was so fun to randomly open gifts then guess who they belonged to.

lydia dolch more than 2 years ago

Wrap Star

Haha! Stuart, what a relief to know there is a name for my wrapping skills!! All my life I’ve wanted to be famous for something!! And finally, wonder of all wonders—who would have thought I would have found out here that I’m a real WRAP STAR!! Thank you so much for the mystery solved!! 😀😀

Gail Glass more than 2 years ago

Man Wrap

Stuart, that's what I call it and I have been successfully doing so for the better part of 50 years. It all starts with leftover wrapping paper and used ribbons from last year, the secret is putting just enough wrapping paper around the item and topping it with last year's bow in a feeble attempt to hide what the item is and at least show some effort in "Man Wrapping " the present. You made me smile when thinking that's the way a boy/man wraps things, loved the story, thanks for sharing this wonderful Holiday Story!!

Bill Moyer more than 2 years ago

Wrap Star, I so relate to this story!

I absolutely loved this story -- so sweet and funny, I laughed out loud at the part where he wraps blobs. All innocence and fun, about something we can all relate to. Thank you, Stuart, for writing this lovely holiday story!

Elizabeth Weisberg more than 2 years ago

He Always Keeps Your Interest

Stuart M. Perkins is a true American storyteller. He can make you smile or laugh. He can make your eyes well up with tears. He is a virtuoso at getting to the hearts memories of family and loved ones. Stuart is an American treasure we all can learn from.

Mark Hawthorne more than 2 years ago

Wrap Star

I loved this story, it brought back such great memories. My parents always disguised the gifts they wrapped, a book in a big box with a paint can or brick. A shirt wrapped around a wrapping paper tube to look like a giant Christmas cracker. Guessing what they were was always so much fun. You have an amazing way with words!

Cathy more than 2 years ago

It's What's Inside That Counts!

This is the perfect Christmas story! How often are things in life not wrapped perfectly but ultimately end up being the best gift of all?!?

Julie more than 2 years ago

Wrap Star

I kept reading this story with a smile on my face, because I, too, was that kid who had no idea how to wrap gifts. What is even the point? Like you said - they are just going to be ripped apart and thrown out. (Thank God for the invention of gift bags, so I can just shove things in there and be done with it.) My Mom, too was a wrapping wizard... Come to think about it, moms are just so good at so many things...

Love the ending, too!

Floatin' more than 2 years ago

Wrap Star

Loved this story, Stuart! You have a way of making people feel! This one was funny, but other stories touched my heart and brought back many memories! Keep up the great work!! Merry Christmas, no gift wrapping required!

Kathleen more than 2 years ago

Since my wrapping style is not the neat and perfect wrap and bow, you've given me the perfect solution. I loved the story. I always feel like I'm right there with you in each of your stories. Merry Christmas.

Sue Cass more than 2 years ago

I love ribbons

I'm like your mother, having learned the art of wrapping from my aunt's. I love it! Beautiful gifts is my goal and it's a family competition that they always let me win. It's a love thing, even when the gift itself is a thrift store find. Love your stories. Merry Christmas

Laine more than 2 years ago

It's a guy thing?

Love this story. My husband still wraps presents like this, if he wraps them at all. Sometimes he just puts the shopping bag under the tree. Sometimes he wraps birthday presents in Christmas paper and Christmas presents in baby shower paper. I believe his lack of wrapping finesse may even be a source of pride for him. It does give us a fun topic for conversation.

Chickens Consigliere more than 2 years ago


Wow! What a great Christmas story! You really know how to write and pull people in! Thanks for sharing!

Moriah S. more than 2 years ago

Perfectly Imperfect

I hate wrapping and I do a terrible job. My husband is the one with patience and precision. Like you, I wonder why bother if it’s going to wind up trashed anyway. Great writing! I was right there with you.

Lisa T more than 2 years ago

Christmas memories

Thank you for the walk down memory lane. I too struggled with gift wrapping. I remember my sister could make the curly bows using scissors and a piece of ribbon. Another great story.

Donna F Sammons more than 2 years ago


Thanks for sharing these wonderful Christmas memories Stuart.

Julie Wilkinson more than 2 years ago


If only I had known the secret to wrapping gifts was for the element of surprise instead of exacting bows and tape! Great memory you shared, Stu! Another great story!

Shan b more than 2 years ago


Way to bring some Christmas mystery back into the lives of your sisters! I bet your kids also enjoy your wrapping efforts!

Francisco Laguna more than 2 years ago

That's a wrap

Stuart - as always, you pull me into the story with you. Having read this, I just know your mom and I are somehow sisters - wrapping sisters anyway!! I take such pride in my almost perfect packages that I lose the fun part. Actually, until I read your story, I didn't know there was a fun part. Your gift for sharing stories like this one are truly wonderful. Thank you for all your writings which never fail to make us laugh as we enter into your world and inspire those perfect wrappers like me to maybe lighten up a bit. I will try to do that. Here's hoping that this Christmas is a blessed one for you and your family and that each of you gets a "special" wrapped package.

Brenda L. Taylor more than 2 years ago

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