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Have followed you since first book, Big Stone Gap. Have first editions of every one of your books. All the Stars in the Heavens was a page turner, couldn't put it down until I finished. I have given dozens of copies of Big Stone Gap to friends and will now be sharing All the Stars in the Heavens as well. Your words are magical - you paint such a clear picture with your words I always feel I'm right there experiencing what's on the written page! Keep up the good work!!!

Linda Exstrom more than 1 year ago

Love Adriana

I found u by accident and your books sit on my shelf as a precious gift.. they heve,been read over several times and always looking for the,next adventure with u .. thank u for giving me your stories

Barbara ventrella more than 1 year ago

Adriana Trigiani

I love her books.......have most of them in hardback.

Cheryl Hammond more than 1 year ago

Adriana Trigiani

I have read and loved her books so far, and fully intend to read those to come. Saw the movie "Big Stone Gap" also, and it was great!

Shirley Frye more than 1 year ago


So many of my friends have told me I NEED to read your her books.I'd love to win a copy. Thaks!

Barbara Khan more than 1 year ago

Adriania Trigiani

I really enjoyed Big Stone Gap and can't wait to read more!

Tammy Forbes more than 1 year ago

SO Proud of Her!

Adriana remains an inspiration to all Virginia (and beyond) writers. She's down to earth, with Appalachian humor and understands the universal & down home lives. Her small town characters reflect understanding & promote the truth of us who still live in the Blue Ridge. She's wonderful!

Karon Sue Semones more than 1 year ago

Adriania Trigiani

An accomplished author who can draw you into her stories as if you are living them. Her books flow one into the other, leaving you wanting more!

Vicki Fernandez more than 1 year ago

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