Virginia’s Lil’ Ole Opry



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Friend of Donks

Heard you were on Facebook. Love the shows.

Carolyn Kincaid more than 7 years ago


I'm a traditional artist . How would I get to do a song or two. How do I do an audition. I have many songs. God's Grand Ole Opry. myspacedave. I'm in the Mich Country Music Hall Of Fame 2005.I would love a shot on your show
Dave Caley CALEY is pronounced KALEE with a long A GOOGLE Dave Caley

Dave Caley more than 7 years ago


I lived in Bavon during the school year of 1984-85, a transplant from Michigan. My friends and I would drive over to see the show at Donk's whenever we could. We were particularly taken with two singers (sisters?) dressed in white chiffon, whom we called "the angels." I've alwasy wanted to go back... Delighted to see the Lil'ole Oprey is still in operation!

Marianna Maver more than 7 years ago

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