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My ancestors (my grandparents of both mom and dad) were displaced from the Albemarle Co part of the mountains. Their last names were Garrison, Keyton, and Frazier. I'm very interested in reading about ancestry.

Shirley Keyton Mahnken more than 4 years ago

Great history!

I visit the park often and it was only recently that I learned about this. It makes me feel bad for the people who had to move. The park is an amazing place and I am thankful for it but it makes me sad that people had to leave their homes for it.

Hiker more than 4 years ago

Relocation of mountain people in Shenandoah Valley

My grandparents (Lam) were relocated to Elkton. From that day forward the trust for the government machine has been lost. If you have something the govt wants....they have the right to take it from you whether you agree or not. They have no rules to abide by considering "they" run the show. Don't agree with my assessment of the relocation? Ask the native americans...they have the same story.

Bonnie Seekford more than 10 years ago

Shenandoah National Park

I read, with delight the article regarding Shenandoah National Park. My grandparents, the Bolens and Gaunts had lived there since in early 1800's and had built quite nice farms there. My grandparents left there for Ohio in 1912 and I am sure it killed them, as that land was such a part of them. We still have the family cemetery in the park near Sperryville, Va. and family takes wonder full care of it with the blessing of the park. We hike there and find homesites, still. And in fact, in 2007, we had a ceremony and spread my late sister-in-law's ashes in that cemetery. She had always expressed the peace we always found there and asked to be put there when she died.
My cousin, local historian in Rappahannock Co., Wayne F. Baldwin wrote a beautiful article, which he had placed on a large marker, about why the mountains are blue. It would be a beautiful addition to your story. In fact I think I will try to send a photo of the marker to the editor, to please show to the author of the story, as well as a photo of my great grandparents home. I would love for you to use them in the .magazine, even as a letter to the editor. Keep up the excellent work, and I am sure there are hundreds of more Shenandoah Family stories to be told.
I also would like to know where I can get ahold of Katrina M. Powell's book of other Shenandoah stories.....maybe some sequel articles could be done in the magazine.
Thank you so much,
Kathy Trager, Newark, Ohio

Kathryn Trager more than 10 years ago


Hiked there today with my husband. I read the Bolens, Gaunts, Dwyers, and other family gravestones. Beautiful resting place and the poem is reflective. Prayers for their eternal souls.

Terri White more than 3 years ago

sad story

No doubt they were good county folks staying out of the way of modernization. Sadly modernization found them. The park is a wonderful thing shared by all (even us flat-landers) but I wish they could have stayed.

Paul Gerdes more than 10 years ago

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