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My family started coming to Sandbridge in 1975 or so. I was around 7. It was the most magical and beautiful place on earth! I really don't like the condo projects. The one closest to little island is hideous. Like some ticky-tacky thing from Key West. How did they get permission to build over top of the dunes? Oh well, I guess anything to make a buck. At least False Cape is safe! And the back bay is still lovely. All my childhood memories on that beach and the bay. We came down every year and stayed the entire 12 weeks of summer. The Outdoor resorts used to be called Surfside at Sandbridge and you could put a permanent trailer there. But there were far less restrictions on what you could have. Of course, it's all been way outpriced for regular folk. May when I retire..... I might move to Pungo.

Martha more than 5 years ago

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