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WRAP with Daddy Jack Holmes in the morning; no Leslie Gore and Gene Pitney over there. But My favorite was the WHIH, the "High guys" at 1400. BJ the DJ ( Bobby Jackson), Shakespeare,and the inimitable "Hot Dog" riding High in the saddle to the William Tell Overture (just like the Lone Ranger) as he rolled the chin music introduction to his show...there will never be radio like that again!
While Gene Loving and Dick Lamb had an onsite WGH trailer studio for remote gigs, the "HigH guys" had a flying saucer!
For many years when you passed thru the Downtown tunnel, you could still see the WHIH letters on the tower
from the interstate.

Leeotis 120 days ago

Peppermint beach club

Does anyone remember what it was called before peppermint beach club

JJLEWIS 130 days ago

Peppermint Lounge

Such sweet memories! Saw the Rondels this summer. Love Power Play too Thanks for sharing!

Evelyn more than 1 year ago

Great memories

Thanks for the recollection!

Jim Chandler more than 1 year ago


I listened to WRAP all the time in the 50's and we were shgging even then but didn't know it's name.

Barbara Gornto more than 1 year ago


It was "WRAP" radio 850 AM, not "WARP" ;)

Rick Smith more than 1 year ago

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