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Ms. Pullen, we'd love to see -- and share -- your photo here. Just e-mail it to Thanks so much!

Christine Ennulat more than 8 years ago

log cabins in Rockbridge County

My grandmother grew up in a log cabin at Fancy Hill. She spoke of carrying buckets to the creek to fetch water; of snakes in the springhouse; and the difficulty of using an outhouse. When mother was around 90, she called Peter Drake and asked if he knew what had happened to this cabin. He did. He'd bought the logs from the landowner, carried them to his land, and built his home! I very much enjoyed this article and would love to send you a scanned photo of this cabin before it was torn down. The photo gives a nonverbal explanation of a "saddlebag." Thanks for the article!

Patricia L. Pullen more than 8 years ago

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