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Maine Performance in 2008

I am from Maine, and we were in Bangor at the time they performed on a vacation trip, as we have been in Richmond area for 15 years from Alaska.
My husband and I have been trying to get an address to mail a newspaper article and pictures of them for 3 years. We just want to bless them and would love to see them perform again, here in Virginia. Please send us information and a address to mail these items to them.

Here is a number of ways if they want to get a hold of us.

Our cell number is 434-294-7999 and our e-mail is sdunaway3@juno.com

Our home number is 804-561-0344, so please let us know where to mail these items.
Your sister in Christ, Sharon

Sam and Sharon Dunaway more than 6 years ago

Maggie Ingram and the Ingramettes

trying to locate or be able to communicate with them. It has been years since I have known where they were located! Ms Maggie and the children and I were neighbors and the children were my classmates! I have always loved them and I know they were performers from a young age. Yes, Ms Maggie was a woman of God then and still is. I began to cry when I saw the performance of my classmates Lucious and Johnny. I would like to get my info out to the family and hopefully I can communicate with them once more in life before I leave this world. I am now 62 and it has been a long time since I've seen this family. Is it possible I can? My e-mail address is: bwimberly@mediacombb.net and phone is 229-878-6714

Brenda Bethel Wimberly more than 6 years ago

Trying to be able to communicate with Ms Maggie and Family

I love Maggie Ingram and her children!. I went to school with the children in Miami, FL until they left. I never knew where they located to. When I saw that they were in Richmond, VA I immediately pulled up there music and I began to cry after seeing her and the Children. I hope that one day I can get to see them again in life! if it is possible i would like to extend my info to this comment site as Luscious and Johnny and I were classmates in Coconut Grove, FL for someone to please contact me at bwimberly@mediacombb.net ir 229-878-6714

Brenda Bethel wimberly more than 6 years ago

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