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Bob Lerner

My grandfather is still alive and enjoying sharing his talent and love of photography with all of those around him. He resides in Virginia and is blessed to have my Aunt Sally and cousins close by taking great care of him.

Sarah Danielle Pujol more than 2 years ago

Is Bob still with us?

I had the pleasure of having Bob Lerner as my teacher in photography school. He was a great encourager and made a difference in my photography journey and career. Thank you Bob Lerner for your love and passion for photography and for encouraging me when I needed it. You made a big difference in my life.

Frances Aguilar more than 4 years ago

He's still kicking

Bob is my grandfather-in-law. He's still alive.

Ralph more than 4 years ago

Just Spoke with Him Today

My name is Cathy Welch and I just spoke with him today. He is a wonderful man and you are very lucky to have had him as a teacher! I will tell him you asked about him.

Cathy Welch more than 3 years ago

Bob Lerner

My husband is a dear friend of Bob's. His daughter called this week to let us know of Bob's passing on Monday. He meant so much to so many people. Bob will live on in his legacy of photographs, family and friends. RIP dear Bob.

Dianne Elliott more than 2 years ago

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